Lead Ambassador

Charles Ó Raghallaigh

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hail! My name is Charles O'Reilly  I am originally from Newfoundland, but I have lived all across the country and have been able to meet many people from our community along the way. 
Born in to a Catholic home, it wasn't until my grandmother showed me that there is a different way that I discovered Asatru. Since I was 13 I have studied as much about Pagan and Heathenry as I could. I started with Celtic Druidism and worked quickly towards where I am today. I am very active helping to build local kindreds as well as serving my community as a Gothi. 
I have served as an ambassador for TAC for 4 years and I am very happy to assume the role as Lead Ambassador. I look forward to being able to serve our community in a much more impactful role.

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