God Poles, Statues, and Altars

Many Asatruar, modern and ancient, used many ways and items to help better connect themselves to the holy powers, at rituals and other times. Every person is different, I personally have an altar, and when I can get some god pols and statues I surely will, but not everyone uses them, and some people do not even know what they are (god poles) and what they are used for! Today I would like to go over what they, ways to make them, and what they are used for! I hope this helps all those who were curious just like me =). Here we go =)

I would like to start off with my favorite, although I do not know too much about God Poles, I shall tell you everything I have learned about them. God Poles are ANCIENT there are many that have been found that are centuries, if not thousands of years old. Traditionally, they are made out of wood (what else would you make them out of?) they can be any height (remember however that it does need to go into the ground so make the overall length longer than you actually want it ) and diameter you want, I like ones that are about six feet tall and at least a foot in diameter. Once you have the type of pole you want, then you carve the pole to the likeness of the deity you are honoring. Don’t worry! You do not need to be a master artist, but if you want to have someone else do it, that is fine too haha. Then after the pole is all finished, it is time to put it in the ground and do the ritual that goes with it. I shall not go into details on how to put a pole in the ground, it should be pretty self explanatory. One thing that you can do as part of the ceremony, that I think is a nice little touch but is not needed, is to put offerings, (of whatever kind) in the hole before placing the pole. That way, they shall always be there, and I think it is a cool way to make an offering. Next you just pray to the deity you are consecrating a pole to, hallow it, and that is about it for how to make one. In ancient times, as well as now (this part is based off of my own opinions so tread lightly) God poles are used to get closer to the gods, to better feel their presence. People put offerings in the mouth, in their arms, around their necks. People feel that if the offering is placed on them, in them or near them, then maybe it shall reach the gods faster. I, and others feel that having a God pole watching over you during ritual, and during your everyday life gives you a greater sense of the divine. That particular god or goddess is watching over you, guarding you. If I had a God Pole in my back yard watching over my house, I know I would at least feel safer. It makes it so that the gods are closer. Is it because they have a better conduit to reach you? Are they drawn to the offerings? Are they there because they like to see themselves? I, and I do not think anyone else, can tell you. But it seems, to me at least that the gods are around more when you have god poles present then at other times. Not to say of course they are not around if you do not have a pole, for of course they are. When doing a ritual, I can only imagine that having a god pole watching over you enhances the already amazing feeling of blot and ritual. When I can get my hands on a few god poles, you can be sure that it will. Now we shall get into Statues, this section shall be very, very short for a good reason. Statues serve the same purpose as God Poles, save they come in more variety and can be used indoors. Simple as that, two different mediums for the same function

Now onto Altars. Altars, while may not be used to much in modern Asatru, I believe that they were used in ancients times. However, not as we see them today. The ancients maybe had large stones for altars, with a ring of god posts surrounding it. Effectively creating a temple or Hof. The altars, maybe were used for blood sacrifices, or maybe for any other ritual! I believe that there definitely were altars, and temples of some sort. Exactly what were they used for? Well I will not lie to you, I do not know. What I do know, is what I use mine for:

This is my altar in my room. I have two, this is the indoor one. What do I use it for? Well I pray before it at night, and in the box there I hold all of my ritual items (this I take outside when I do my blots for it has everything). To the right is my book of Asatru, Ritual, and Blotar which holds a hard copy of all of the information found here on my blog. The pictures, to me represent, although not as strongly, God Poles or Statues. I really do not do much here besides store my things and pray at night. (my morning prayer is outside).

Then, below is my outdoors altar. It is as simple as it can get. It is just a wooden mjolnir that I made hanging from an apple tree. It is here, “under Thor’s eyes” that I do all of my blots. I have never needed to replace the string and it has never fallen off. Through some crazy thunderstorms and strong winds, it has stayed right where it is and has never moved. Think maybe Thor likes it there? =)

I believe when we hear the word Altar, we think of a very specific thing, but in Asatru, at least the way I see it, it can range from a large variety of things. I just like to think of it as a place where you do your rituals and pray. Of course, this could also be your temple, ve, or hof.

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May you all find the wisdom you seek and may the holy powers watch over you!


  • Lena Buhr

    March 5, 2013, 10:28 pm

    So nice, love it – but your picture on your out door altar is too small for me to see…♥ My indoor altar is very simple and earth bound – that is, I use items such as wood and ‘bark’ from around old tree trunks. I have always had a special love for these things. The same goes for small rocks and pebbles and some moss & lava. I managed to buy a special figure in woll, looking like a red headed angel/troll/elf-kind of look. Not sure what Goddess she represents yet but She is there, waiting for me to figure it out, lol. I also have a great picture of Thor, since I believe He sanctified the very grounds I stand on, moving out here in late 2010. I were alone in the cottage we bought, and tried to arrange and unpack the boxes, when suddenly the lightning struck the ground outside the house! I was on the phone and naturally I would get scared stif but i was totally calm, just couldnt understand that because people out here have had some serious accidents from houses burning down from ´thunderstorms like this. But, nope. I was as calm one can get…that was September 2010. Spring 2011 I saw a documentary on religion and about a family living as asatru here in Sweden! Since then things have never been the same so I make sure Thor is there on my altar…He show me things and so thus Odin, the All Father and Teacher…wonderful life this is….Hail Thor! Hail Odin!!

  • Lena Buhr

    March 5, 2013, 10:30 pm

    PS/ I was on the pheon with my left hand and unpacking with my right, giving instructions to my daughter back at the appartement in Kuingsängen, Upplandsbro, a community FILLED with pre-historic findings of the vikings…

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