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Hail and welcome to our partners! Below you will find general information, and links to our wonderful partner's sites! All partner's of TAC Inc. share the same general goals, ideas, and hopes for Asatru and Heathenry in the modern world around the world, and have decided to team up with TAC to help acheive these common goals. Please take a moment to check out their sites and organizations! (Click on their logo and or photo to get to their sites). We wish to support Heathen craftsmen, and artists, as well as organizations and groups! Together, we are the community! 


Here is to them! Hail! 


If you are interested in becoming partners with TAC, click here!

Norse, Viking, Publishing, Community, Art, Editorials" Norhalla, Inc. is organized for the preservation and education about Norse and Viking culture, mythology, belief and history through art, literature, and community. From awesome art, to series of books for children and adults, to community building and events, Norhalla is worth a look at. Click on their logo to visit their site. 

Ivy Mulligan

(Check out Ivy's store here!)

I have been a practicing Heathen and Priestess since the early 1980's; and I have had the honor of meeting, knowing and working with some of the early pioneers~ not only in the Goddess Movement, but also in the US Heathen reconstructionist faith.

The resurgence in the past 10 years of folks being called to the path of our Asatru faith has brought to the forefront a need for a merging of modern pagan techniques and crafting, with the staunch Reconstructionist traditions. There is a collective drive to implement our sacred Lore and the wisdom of our ancestors with the effectual Spá practices of today.

I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, the remote high peaks region of northern New York. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, herbalist, Reiki Master, Crystal therapist and certified Life Coach. I work with NOLS and teach outdoor survival, as well as advanced first aid. I have participated as a leader, healer and Priestess in the pagan community since 1995. 

Walking the path of a Northern Shaman, I became initiated as a Seið-practitioner, then becoming a ordained Gythia and a member of both the Troth in 1998, and then The Asatru Community last year. I have written a couple of books, and somehow, I got the privilege of helping to create the Clergy Training Program for TAC. After a time, I was then asked to be Director of Religious Affairs, which I adore. Myself and my long time spiritual Sister run the 21st Century Heathen and the Germanic/Teutonic Center for Cultural Arts web sites which promotes the memory, use, and re-constructing practices of our Ancestors way of living -transposed on a modern high-tech world; thereby ensuring the continuing evolution, of our cultural heritage arts.

My lifestyle of living close to the natural world as well as my dedication to the Earth Spiritualism lead me to become an active Heathen steward in the protection and furtherance of our planet and its future. I am a landscaper, master gardener and plant whisperer. Currently myself, my husband, and our dog Basil, live in western Washington.

Created by amateur horror writer Matt Weber as a method to cope with anxiety, Macabre Callings is dedicated to creating stories to help you sleep soundly at night and tickle that macabre calling we all feel deep inside. No subject too dark or too taboo, as he believes we must be brave and learn even what you consider bad,

for the past and facts are absolute and neither good nor evil. He also would like to take the time to thank his very tolerant wife and exceptionally underpaid editors for their tremendous patience. About the Author: Matt is a 30 year old manchild who is able to discover and pursue his dreams due to the encouragement of his wife, partners, his parents, and his fellow heathens he has gone to for spiritual support; you know who you are.

The Jaded Rose; Custom clothing made for you, with love.

Shari was taught to sew at a young age by her grandmother and has been practicing her craft for over 25 years.

Originally starting with unique Halloween costumes and dance wear, Shari branched out into clothing in 2011.

The Jaded Rose was born in 2016, named for her two daughters and as a means to supplement the family income and be able to stay home with them

The Jaded Rose focuses on unique custom pieces including Grow With Me clothing, soft soled shoes, baby wearing accessories, whimsical outerwear, costumes, dance/athletic wear and more.

Silver Paw Workshop

Cody Craig grew up in the Egg Basket of the Midwest, Mentone, IN. Aside from the biggest egg statue you’ve ever seen, Mentone is also home to many skilled artists and craftworkers. His father and grandfathers were lifelong craftsman, and raised Cody to understand metalworking and its extensive history. Blacksmithing is in his blood, and he has learned the craft from expert metalworkers all his life. In his 10 years of professional experience, Cody has expanded into woodworking and stained glass with the same passion.

Cody founded Silverpaw Workshop when he moved to Bloomington, Indiana shortly after graduating from Ball State University. He’s paved out a life for himself here, and lives with his wife-to-be and two rescue cats."

The Allthing Asatru Mexico born in 2014 with 5 Clans and 2 Kindreds, celebrating the first Assembly in October 2014 at Mexico City, in this Assembly the Allthing proposes goals and statutes, elect their officers who represent them at International Level and raising a Godar formed by the Godi of each of the Clans of the Allthing. 


The mission of the Allthing Asatru Mexico is to make more stronger and get support to other Clans, Kindreds or people interested of the Norse Tradition that agree with the motto "In Service and in Defense of The Tradition". Allthing's work has reached its goal, to provide support to the Clans and individuals who have approached us, generating more Asatruar presence in Ásatrú

Mexico. Likewise Blotar have been made with the participation of all Mexico Clans and free members.


“Our mission is not over, we will open doors for who likes approaching us,

because there is still much to be done. ”

-Godi Hildulfr Eldursson ulfey-


Smith Studios and Designs, LLC

Heathens of the Lowlands

Heathens of the Low Lands (Heidenen van de Lage Landen) is a young group in the Netherlands that aims to get Dutch speaking Heathens from all forms of Heathendom in touch with each other. For now we have a place on the Web to meet, but while working hard on forming the board with the right people, we are also working on our first meeting and other future plans!

Skapandi Hugarró is creative peace of mind. At Skapandi we hold contracts with different organizations and individuals for their furs, hides, bones and horns from animal deaths. We believe that honour is to be bestowed upon the life the animal lived. The entirety of the animal is to be used for purpose. Any Contract we have here at  Skapandi Hugarró promises that the hunt is used for spiritual or substance intent. Some of the organizations, the animal has died of natural causes and the  company would prefer to honor it spiritually. Who better to wear, use or honour those parts than the Pagan- Heathen community. Skapandi Hugarró is also a retailer of garb, festive costume, kilts and Jewelry. To be creative, we have a wide range of possibilities. We have a publisher for self-publishers, commercial presses for banners, flags, T shirts, custom mirrors, hoodies, hats, dog tags and we delve into embroidery. Coming soon, Engraved wooden items as well as horns. If you can think it up- Skapandi Hugarró can get it done! Also every purchase made from Skapandi a portion of the proceeds goes back to the community as a donation or item that get auctioned off goes to Charity or a Pagan community. - Owner of Skapandi Hugarró


Frithcast is a regular podcast which started in December 2016, on all things heathen, hosted by TAC UK Ambassador and TAC Gytha, Suzanne Martin and her wife Kate (who describes herself as a druidy thing).  New episodes fortnightly-ish, with Frithcast XL’s covering special events, or other one off topics.  Come join Suzanne and Kate around the virtual camp fire (and definitely not their kitchen) for themed episodes with a big dollop of geek-fu thrown in for good measure.  From Viking archaeology to the Goon Show, Star Wars to sagas, Meatloaf and Pokemon to modern heathen practice, going via ethics, philosophy and hanging a left at Albuquerque, come and listen to modern heathenry in a different light.  (With all the ensuing silliness and outtakes left in...)

As a part of TAC, you’re welcome to suggest topics for episodes, just get in touch with Suzanne or Kate directly and let them know what you’d like them to consider.  They look forward to welcoming you to a warm spot around the campfire soon.  

Beard in the North

As a child I was always fascinated with ancient culture and fantasy. I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings at a young age and have been completely obsessed ever since. 

I always had an interest in medieval history, and I had taken some classes on Ancient History in High School and College and eventually started to focus more on the Viking Age as I started to noticed the connection between what Tolkien had written and the Norse culture.

Those stories are what fuel my passion for the items that I create. I try to make items based off of historic examples, and items that would be seen in the home of a common Viking Age family. Nothing fancy, no lavash items for kings and queens, daily items for the common Norseman. I design and create all of the items 100% by my self.

Dharma Wyrd

A Heathen, a Hippie, and a Folk Witch. We are three cosmic babes brought together by the universe (and a mutual friend named Tracy) to supply you with unique and magickal goodies for your home, your ceremonies, and your family. Mama Cassiopeia (The Hippie), Hobgoblin Glee (the Folk Witch), and Momma Wolf (the Heathen) are delivering magickal goods that you can't find anywhere else. We do custom orders!

Pandemonium Shop

Pandemonium Shop LLC is a small bussiness dedicated to serving the Pagan community. Our main focus is on providing for those who are looking for something meaningful and masterfully designed. We specialize in high quality silver jewelry, but also host a variety of other products as well. The most rewarding part of what we do is when we are able to connect one of our customers with an item that they will go on to cherish and hold sacred, so we absolutely love hearing back from our customers. If there is something we have that calls out to you we would be honored to serve you and if we don't have what you are looking for we would be happy to see if we can get it for you through a special order. 

Vinland Riders

We are a motorcycle association of Asatru folk. A rolling Kindred of sorts. We are not outlaw bikers we are not 1%ers, we are law abiding. We have events based around the Asatru calender and welcome new members of any kind, a motorcycle or plans to get one in the near future is needed.
We believe in supporting both our heathen and public communities with fundraisers and community service.

Our members enjoy a social club based in Asatru and the motorcycle lifestyle. We are currently starting our first chapter in Modesto CA with a clubhouse with an event area for a small to a decent crowd. We hope to see you at our public events and rituals. 

Beast's Curiosities

Beast's Curiosities, your one stop shop for all of your curious needs! 

Beast's Curiosities is a small business run from a happy Heathen home, as a means to help suppliment our income, and raise our four children. Everything is made in-house! We have something for everyone: from Heathen, to Pagan, to Geek. Whether it's a bind rune candle to your patron god, a new rune set, a geeky new onesie for your minion, or some new vinyl bling for your ride, we have it all. Come check us out! We do custom orders, as well!

Vitki Musings

Vitki Musings is a blog authored by Kurt Hoogstraat. Kurt has over two decades of Vitki experience. In the blog he covers all things esoteric of Asatru — Runes, seidr and whatever else the multiverse throws his way. Postings are frequent so check back regularly!  Kurt is also an ordained Gothi of TAC. Things of interest for all Asatruar!

War Forged Design Studio

I am an artist specializing in Sculpture and metal work.  I can work in a variety of various mediums/materials.  I received my Bachelors of Fine Art from Arizona State University in 2016 just after serving 5 years active duty with a 12 mo tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom in the U.S. Army.  My latest series I am working on are the Aesir and the Vanir 12”-15” statues.


I work commissions as well so if you have an idea of what you want, I can create it and suggest the right material depending on where the commission will be displayed and for how long.  I am happy to work on any theme but Norse themes are my favorite.  I am also a Gold and Silversmith and have made some impressive sterling silver Torcs in the past. Please visit my website, view my online portfolio, and drop me a message if you like at

Visit us on the web!

I've been a pagan for at least 15 years and an Asatruar for close to 10 years.  When the Gods decided to call, they did so in such a way that I simply could not ignore.  As an artist I try not to limit myself, but rather I try new things to craft.  I began simply leather crafting after I went to a renaissance fair and saw all the great leather works and thought to myself, "I wonder if I can do this?"  So I went went from there and started spreading out into working with polymer clay to produce my creations.  I created Gondlirs Treasures after much meditation on the matter and decided to try my hand at a small business. My philosophy is that handmade items are works of the mind and soul.  Each of us artists just pour our heart and souls into the items we make.  You're not just buying a static piece of art, but rather you are buying a part of the artist as well.  Each item will always have an imperfection and that simply isn't a flaw, it's what makes the item a person buys unique. Even though I make primarily heathen/pagan themed items, I'm always up for something out of the norm since I'm a firm believer in that a customers wants and needs should always be met within reason.

 Gondlir's Treasures

Viking Style is a UK based company which aims to provide modern Viking lovers with quality Norse merchandise and products. We have a wide range of items on offer including; Traditional Norse jewelry, Clothing, Drinking mugs & horns, and Handmade Viking Axes! Check out our store at:

I have been working with leather and wood for a number of years making gifts for people, but have finally given thought to starting a side business to bring my works of art to life!  I specialize in bags...laptop, messenger, US Mail style and can create for you whatever you need in a bag.  Talk to me about your needs so when you open that delivery box all of your dreams will be met.  Keep checking back as I hammer out projects...coming soon leather Runes and Bind Runes!

Tawny Wolff Apothecary

Inspired by the power of nature itself, Tawny Wolff Apothecary strives to supply all natural handmade products that provide aromatherapy, skin care, hair care, and other benefits. Tawny Wolff Apothecary was started in 2017 and has rapidly grown ever since. Our Beard Balm, Lotion Bars, and other products have been highly appraised and are preferred versus store bought products by Heathens and others alike. Some of the botanicals we use are home-grown with non-chemical pesticides, and their growth is promoted by giving back to the earth through composting. New items, scents, formulas, and more are always under development, so it's worth checking back often!

“Ragnarök – Destiny of the Gods” is a new and unique edutainment card game. This one of a kind deck of cards was designed to make learning about the culture, mythology and society of the Viking age Norsemen easy and fun. The vision was to create something so engaging that you would learn something new even by accident.

Norse mythology can be a complex subject to understand with all its characters and intertwined story lines, to say nothing of the misconceptions from popular movies, television series, and comics.


The deck of cards contains sixty-five cards, representing most of the beings found in Norse mythology, some of them unexpected and peculiar. Each card holds a text telling the Saga specific to that being, and the general statistics of the being along with character trait points representing combat abilities, magical abilities, influence and mobility. All this information is taken directly from the ancient texts. This work is an intense labor of love with more than a year spent on going through the ancient texts with multiple experts lending a hand.


There are six different games to be played with this game, they are all dependent on your knowledge of the Norse myths. The easiest games for those not familiar with the myths

And the more difficult games for those who are very knowledgeable about the myths.

The more you play the more you learn the easier it is for you to play the more difficult games.

About the Author:

Reynir A. Óskarson a passionate researcher of Viking-age culture, society, and history. He was born and raised in Iceland, where this culture has been preserved better than perhaps any of the other northern lands.
He has been researching, testing, studying and teaching about the life of the Norsemen in the Viking age for over ten years, working with some of the world’s most knowledgeable minds on Viking culture. The underlying theme to all this work is the mindset and beliefs of the Norsemen.

Norse Blood sell 100s of Viking products including high quality, authentic and/or modern-styled wares such as drinking horns, jewelry, books, renaissance themed clothing, weapons & armor!  They were founded in 2016 with a simple objective of connecting all who are fond of Norse culture, religion, history & people

Wyrd Wolf Designs

Heathen owned and operated, WyrdWolfDesigns provides unique and original artwork for clothing, bags, mugs, shoes, art prints, and more! We feature many Norse themed products as well as alternative lifestyle pieces. There's always something new, so stop in and add some flair to your life!

Email Me!

Visit My Etsy Store!

Ulfhednar Life

Ulfhednar Life was born out of a former Survival/ Tracking School & the Owners’ love of reconnecting with the past. The unique blend of modern survival methods along with primitive survival tactics holds appeal for many who are looking to add to their skill set. The drinking horns came about after the owner was asked to give to a history lesson on the different ways that our Ancestors survived. Failing to find a traditional drinking vessel, he reached back to skills that he was taught over the years and crafted a traditional drinking horn. This tradition continues today in ever drinking horn that is made; with at times a modern twist.

Along with teaching Survival/ & Tracking skills & Traditional Drinking Horns; Ulfhednar Life also designs Military/Heathen themed T-shirts & Hoodies. All with the idea that “There’s many good lessons to be found in passing on the Old sayings and teachings. You never know which is going to strike a chord within someone and give them the lesson they need at that time.”

Bloomington ForgeWorks

"Bloomingon ForgeWorks is a small blacksmith and woodworking shop located in southern Indiana. All of the work performed and all of the products made, are made in a very traditional way as there isn’t any large equipment; no forge press, no machinery, no manufacturing equipment....all hand tools and determination.


Any and all of our wood based products are typically made of wood that was either salvaged, or milled by hand from naturally fallen timber in our shop using nothing but a chainsaw and handtools for shaping and finishing. It adds a lot of time to our builds usually, but this way we are able to keep our overhead cost low, save on materials, and in the end deliver on amazing products that are very competitively priced.


Everything is 100% handmade and handforged. We take pride in our traditional methods and hope you love it as much as we do. Welcome and Skål!


Be sure and keep an eye out for new product releases and fresh content on our other pages.  on Instagram at "

Kanut Wood Creations

Vikings Brand


We are Vikings brand -

Proud of bringing awareness of the Norse culture and history to modern people since 2016.

With our wide products categories, we offer quality Norse Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Statues & Figures, Costumes and LARP items, and Home Decor.
The unique categories of products we are especially proud of are our Craftsman Elite Series of Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Custom products, and special Bundle offers with big discounts.

Within more than 500 products in our store, everyone can find something according to his/her own taste.
Our goal is to spread the ancient artifacts, mythology, and traditions to modern living with a symbiosis of designs.
Buyers are 100% protected in our site.
We do our business worldwide and ship items to every corner of the world.
Payment options we offer are: PayPal, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

Midnight Films

children that focuses heavily on themes and creatures found in Norse Mythology called Asta's Journey. 

I'm an NYC based actress, filmmaker, and business owner. While my business is not heathen, I am. I'm an award-winning filmmaker through my production company Midnight Films. The majority of my work focuses on the magical and ethereal in nature and the world around us. I've been lucky and pleased to have that area of interest do well so far. 

I'm also the founder and festival director of The Midnight Film Festival here in NYC. Most recently, I'm producing and directing an animated short film for

Ensamvarg Runic Mysteries

Ensamvarg logo new 512.png
The largest online selection of Rune Sets, and all things Runic.

My name is Bradley McMahon, but most of my Kin know me as Brad Ensamvarg. I am a practicing Vitki, a Teutonic Mage, a practitioner of Galdr, and a binder of runes, and the proprietor of Ensamvarg Runic Mysteries.

I follow the old ways and stay true to my ancestral heritages. Both of Land and Blood. I am of Northern descent but am born and breed in Africa. And hence I honour not only the Gods of the North, but also the Spirits of the Land of my birth, South Africa.
I express myself through my website and my Facebook Community #EnsamvargRunicMysteries, which is currently just over 4545 members strong.

Here you will find all things Runic. Rune work and Custom made items. I also offer over 60 plus different sets of Runes sets. Some are supplier manufactured, and some are part of my "Handmade by Friends of the Vitki" series.

Also check out my "Learn the Runes Q-Cards", for beginner to intermediate user. A great way to learn the basics and details around each rune.

And from time to time we also offer Norse Inspired Jewellery, but that's so last year.... I personally select each item that goes onto the site. I like to try to make it as authentic as possible, even if it's manufactured.

My intent is to always keep it personal, and informative for those on their own journey. 
In Frith, Blessed Be,
Brad Ensamvarg

Chic Knor'malle

Chic Knor'malle offers Intuitive Psychic Services in the Pacific Northwest area, as well as online via Zoom. Specializing in Oracle cards and Crystal Ball scrying. Available for parties and educational workshops as well.

Iron Grizzly Props


Iron Grizzly Props is a prop and cosplay fabrication company out of Indianapolis Indiana. Ironbear is a well-known member of the professional cosplay community for his Norse/ Viking style and mannerisms. His goal is to be one of the best at his craft and teach others about prop making and cosplay! If you are interested in commissioning a prop from Ironbear, Send him a message at  as well as follow him on social media!

Vinland Knife Fighting Guild

The VKFG is an Asatru-based martial arts school. How is it Asatru based? In the same way that Asatru takes what we know of Norse paganism and makes it livable and viable for the modern-day, the VKFG hopes to make Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) applicable to the modern-day. We study HEMA with an emphasis on Viking combat. The VKFG is split into three schools: The Vinland Knife Fighting Guild proper, Vinland Glíma, and The Vinland Weapons Guild. The three schools are all under the banner (or really the raven flag-like logo created by our resident graphic artist

Valhyr) of the VKFG, but we do have three distinct curriculums we offer. 


The Vinland Knife Fighting Guild proper is structured on a medieval Guild. This means the three ranks are apprentice, wanderer, and master. The rank of apprentice is available to all who join the guild. The apprentice is taught the curriculum by a master and becomes a wanderer. The wanderer gains experience in the martial art until they demonstrate their knowledge of the curriculum to the standards of three masters. Once the three masters award the rank of master to the wanderer, the wanderer has reached the rank of master and is considered fully qualified to teach the curriculum. The title master does not mean the bearer is necessarily a master of knife fighting. What it does mean is the bearer has learned and fully understood our curriculum 


Vinland Glíma is a modernized martial art and sport based on Viking Glíma and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We combine the traditional Viking Glíma rules with some modified Jiu-Jitsu rules. Essentially, the traditional rules mean victory is obtained by throwing the opponent to the ground while remaining in a standing position. A loss can occur should any part of the body above the knee touch the ground 3x or more. These rules for competition mean that in unarmed combat, the throw to the ground would be followed by a finishing move performed by the standing person. In addition to these rules, we’ve incorporated “The Tap” from Jiu-Jitsu. By putting the opponent into a submission where you would submit them (a submission occurs when a technique that would cause a lot of physical damage cannot be escaped. For example, and armbar hyperextends the elbow joint. If the armbar were executed to its full potential as it would be in a combat situation, the elbow joint would more or less be destroyed. The armbar is a common submission). As a “tap” would not guarantee victory in a combat situation, we incorporate 3 taps to obtain a victory as a modification on the traditional rules. As a martial art, we focus on putting yourself in the dominant position whether standing or on the ground and then using the technique to neutralize the attacker. We have a belt system based on Jiu-Jitsu’s, which goes White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black. The First four belts focus only on unarmed combat, while the black belt is introduced to our curriculum of traditional Viking Weapons: the sax or knife, the staff or spear, the shield, the Axe, the one-handed sword, and the bow and arrows, along with weapons throwing. The black belt does not learn the full curriculum of all the weapons but is introduced to each enough to become proficient in it’s use. This proficiency in traditional Viking war weapons should teach the learner concepts to allow almost anything to become an improvised weapon. 


The final branch of the VKFG is The Vinland Weapons Guild (VWG). The VWG is the most comprehensive weapons curriculum we have. It follows the same guild structure as the VKFG and teaches the same weapons which black belts of Vinland Glíma are introduced to, only the Vinland Weapons Guild has a larger and more comprehensive curriculum of weapons techniques. 


This split into three branches was reasoned as follows: the knife is the most readily available weapon in both modern times and to the Vikings. The study of the Sax or Knife generated the most comprehensive curriculum for these reasons, so we teach that curriculum on its own. Vinland Glíma is a modernized American form of Glíma, unique to us but firmly rooted in tradition. We see it as a natural evolution. In the same way, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu evolved in Brazil, Scandinavian Glíma is evolving in America. The study of the six or seven (depending on how you count them) historical weapons we use generated a similarly extensive curriculum to the knife, but the knife curriculum remained the most expansive and deserving of its own branch. 


About our organization’s current leadership: 


Connor Moriarty is a lifelong martial artist. His father was a federal agent and started teaching him the foundations of martial arts as a small child. Connor then spent his childhood learning taekwondo, reaching a black belt in his early teens. He spent 7 years studying various styles of Kung Fu and is now researching HEMA. The founder of the VKFG and it’s branches of the VWG and Vinland Glíma, he is constantly working to improve his arts and share them with as wide an audience as possible. 


Christian Franco is a lifelong martial artist.  His family taught him the fundamentals of martial arts due to their experiences in the El Salvadoran Civil War.  Christian went on to train in tae kwon do and eventually received his black belt at 12 years old.  After this, he spent his adolescence learning and studying various arts of Kung Fu, and today is focusing on HEMA.  As co-founder and a lead instructor of the VKFG, VWG, and VG; he is always on the search and lookout to improve his skill and is eager to share with others.  


Travis Albin is a young martial artist with around a decade of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, and is the first apprentice instructor of all three branches of the VKFG, under the direct tutelage of both Connor Moriarty and Christian Franco.

GreenLight Crafts


We are GreenLight Crafts. We are owned and operated by heathens. One of our Founders is a member of TAC. We were founded in 2019 with doing all kinds of crafts we do heathen stuff and also non-heathen stuff. We do Pyrography, Diamond paintings, ceramics and more. We even do custom orders to suit our customers' needs. Our website is 

Beyla Meadery

Indie Viking Wm.png

Beyla Meadery was born out of dreams and a love of creating. We make traditional, historically-inspired and unique mead and ciders that are influenced by past traditions, the seasons and from our own imaginations.


William the mead maker started making mead around 23 years ago. The only mead available at that time was a very sweet mead you got at Renaissance festivals. William worked at a craft brewery and had been a homebrewer for some time. With his vast knowledge and skill, special mead and cider were born.

These delicious creations were well-loved by friends and family. Down the road contests were entered and awards were won.

We create great meads and ciders using fresh local ingredients like quality honey and organic apples. This is the foundation that we build on. Unique mead and cider are born by adding different spices, fruits, and botanicals. Special varieties of honey are used as well and are expressed in wonderful flavors. All of these come together in orchestration to create a special product that clearly reflects our love for mead and cider.

Please find us on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Beyla Meadery or at

Find us Online!

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