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Dennis Oglesby


North Carolina

Hello everyone, I am Dennis "Jorvik" Oglesby. I'm a 50 y/o husband of a spectacular wife, father of four and a grandfather to two girls that keep me young! I spent nearly 30 years of my life in the Army Special Forces, retiring in 2012 as a CW4. Through my world travels, I have seen and been through a lot, both good and bad. I enjoy serving my community and bettering this world for our children.

I was taught about the Norse God's at an early age by my father growing up as a kid in Oklahoma. He spoke of Thor and Odin to me many times and taught me that nature is our "church". My travels with the military put me in touch with a variety of religions around the world and broadened my beliefs. I travelled to Scandinavia many times and was exposed to the old Norse beliefs. I was never really a "religious" person but always considered myself very spiritual and connected with the old ways and Gods. I have traced my family tree ( and DNA) back to Germanic foundations via York (Yorvik) England, Ireland and Norway.

I studied world religions at Regis University where I received my B.A.  My studies also led me to Ásatrú and eventually brought me back to the old Gods in 2005. I've been a practicing Ásatrúar since 2012 and was initially disappointed with the Ásatrú community for all the hatred and bigotry that exists. I want to be part of something greater and more grounded in the old ways of my ancestors. 

I found TAC and followed it sometime before committing. I look forward to the opportunity to serve in TAC and to meeting as many of you as possible to connect and start lasting kinships. 


Whitney Holderby

Norfolk, Virginia

Hello, my name is Whitney Holderby. I have been married to fellow Ambassador David Holderby for 13 years so far. Together we have a young daughter and care for my disabled mother.

I have been on the path of Asatru for nearly 3 years. For years I spent some time dancing around this path. When I was growing up I was a Christian, but when I was about 19, I thought about and looked into becoming Wiccan.


After that brief flirtation with Wicca, I forgot about it for quite some time. In 2016 my husband found himself on the path of Asatru. He read and listened to many books on Asatru and Heathenry. As he was reading, he discussed almost everything he was learning with me. I found myself being drawn down this path also.


Since then I have begun reading the same books and finding information on my own. I am glad we were both called down the same path as it has helped us grow even closer together.

Well that is my simple story of how I got here on the path of Asatru. I love chatting so if you want to chat or have any other questions about me feel free to ask.

Ashleah Hudson

Augusta, Georgia

Hail, all!

I live in a small suburb of Augusta, GA called Martinez, and even though I was in Los Angeles for five years in my 20's, I've lived here most of my life. 

I was raised Southern Baptist, but found the Pagan path 30 years ago at the age of 13. I started studying Wicca and went on a spiritual journey that introduced me to many other Pagan religions, so I ended up considering myself an eclectic Pagan for many years, but I found Asatru in 2015, and I now feel like I've finally found my home.  

I joined The Asatru Community in 2016, but remained pretty inactive until February of 2019. I became an Ambassador for Georgia in July of that same year. I am excited to serve as an Ambassador for TAC, bringing my local Pagan Community together. It’s now October of 2019, and I have recently been accepted into and have enrolled in both the Clergy Training Program and Ivy Mulligan’s Seidr Class. I know that these two classes will only enhance my abilities as an Ambassador and give me an even greater opportunity to serve my community.

- Ashleah Hudson

David Holderby

Norfolk, Virginia

My name is David Holderby. I have been an ambassador for nearly a year. I have been married for 14 years and have a wonderful daughter. My wife is also an ambassador with TAC. 

I have been on the path of Asatru or Norse paganism for nearly 3 years and practicing for nearly as long. I have taken The Asatru Community's Clergy Training Program and am now an ordained Gothi.


I enjoy getting to meet fellow Asatruar both face to face and through the various Facebook groups. If there is anything else, you would like to know feel free to ask.

Amy Flickinger


North Carolina

​​​​​​​My name is Amy Marie Flickinger. I am 24 years old and I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work w/a minor in Psychology. I am from a small town called Maysville, NC.

I am an Ambassador in NC and have found kinship in those of TAC SSE. I am honored to be the PR Director and I look forward to continuing my path in this way. I hope to do everything I can to help TAC achieve our goals and be of service to our members.


I was raised in a Christian family, but was never at peace with that religion. Ever since I was about 4 years old, I've heard a call back to the ancient gods. I learned to find my own path and have met many friends and kindred spirits along the way who have helped me discover myself. I have held and experienced other Pagan beliefs on my path, but I have found my spiritual home in Asatru. My beliefs include spirit and energy based work that began long before I came to know that I'm a Heathen.


I grew up knowing hardship and so my professional, personal, and spiritual work all revolve around helping others and healing in many forms. I am closest to both Hel and Loki, though this does not take away from my connection to all the divine. I'm always open to talking, especially about Pagan/Asatru topics. I'm pretty much an open book so long as you have an open mind. I look forward to the many journeys I will continue to have within The Asatru Community.

Paul Allen "Red"


North Carolina

Skal, brothers and sisters, my name is Paul Allen I am 32 years old from a small rural town in North Carolina called Bladenboro. I was raised as a southern baptist. I always felt that there was something off about the theology and never felt any connection or pull to it. As a child I did have many spiritual experiences but as I aged I became another disenchanted youth and slowly lost faith and became Agnostic.


While attending Bladen Community College I studied religion, history and psychology in depth and became president of the history club. I have always loved the myths and legends of ancient Europe. I now work as an independent contractor at an eye doctor where we do VA disability exams.


One day around 2012 a marine was in for an exam and we had a brief exchange about his tattoos, although extremely busy he returned after his appointment and pressed an Irminfolk Odinist community coin into my hand. This began my journey into Asatru. I studied by myself for the next few years until once again, at work, I met a retiring veteran who is now one of my closest friends, peers, and also my mentor Dennis Oglesby.


After numerous discussions we began traveling the state doing TAC events. Many moons have passed and my dear friends Amy, and Richard both became ambassadors and now It is my wish to serve the community and our folk.


I am looking forward to many days and nights in the great outdoors rekindling the fires of our ancestors with you all.

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