Its Time, New Campaign

March 8, 2016

I want to start a new campaign, there is a great deal of things in Asatru, that its time to change.


So here is what it is:


Basically “Its Time”.  If its online, #Itstime



Time for what?


Well there are many great answers to that, and that is one of the reasons I think this will be so successful.

* Its time to stand up and unite for the future of Asatru

* Its time to stop the infighting that holds us back from true progress

* Its time to end discrimination

* Its time to come together

* Its time to shed harmful stereotypes

* Its time to present a unified front for the betterment of all Asatruar

* Its time to look to our communities

* Its tome to look to our families

* Its time to look to our tribes

* Its time to look to ourselves, and better our own lives

* It's time to get up, and change our lives for the better

* It's time to attend events

* It's time to hold rituals

* It's time to be heathen


Do you see where this is going?


Its time.


I want this on shirts, I want the leading image to be everywhere, shirts, social networks, posters etc.


Now where do you come in? Well as members of the heathen community, I need to ask you a favor. I would like to get as many short video, or even audio clips of you guys saying "it's time for...." Whatever you think it's time for in Asatru. (For examples see above) I'll put it all together, in a new campaign video and have just another prong to this aggressive campaign.


So please, if you want to participate, send me your short video, or even audio clip to, or via Facebook messenger.


How else can you help? Well, share the crap out of any posts with #itstime (that are appropriate). Spread the word, on the Internet, and in your local communities.


Questions? Let me know.


It's time


Seth Chagi


The Asatru Community Inc.

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