Ostara (The Heathen Easter)

*Interested in hosting a TAC affiliated event? Find out more here: http://theasatrucommunity.org/tac/events/ While there is a goddess named Ostara, there is also a holiday. Today’s post is about the holiday, versus the deity. (To learn more about the being Ostara, please follow this link: http://theasatrucommunity.wordpress.com/the-gods-the-series/the-vanir-the-gods-2/ostara/) Before we get to what Ostara is, I would like to talk about Easter. What? Easter? On a heathen blog? Why yes! I think it is interesting, and important…

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“Spiritual Batteries”

I first heard the term “Spiritual Batteries” from the Asatru Folk Assembly’s Steve Mcnallen. Despite my our vastly differing opinions (Mcnallen and I), this was a phrase that struck me immediately. A perfect way to describe how many people, including myself, can feel from time to time.  So what are, spiritual batteries? Well, that is not something I feel I can easily explain. I wish I remembered where I heard…

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New TAC Program: Ambassador Program

****Link to application now available at the bottom!**** At The Asatru Community we are always trying to improve the programs we already have,such as gatherings, events, the magazine, community out reach etc, but beyond this, we also try to bring new programs and projects to our members. So, I am proud to announce the beginnings of a new program/ project. The Ambassador Program. The goal of the Ambassador Program, from…

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“The Gods” Syn

As requested, here is Syn! Although this might be the shortest “The Gods” ever! O well, enjoy! If you have any more information to add, please let me know! Syn is a goddess, possibly of the Disir, and a handmaiden to Frigg. Syn is the goddess of truth, justice, honor, and oaths. When taking an oath, it is often sworn upon her, and Odin of course. But beware, while breaking…

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Old Norse vs. English?

Through out the years that I have been studying Asatru, and Norse traditions and mythology in general I almost always come upon a heated debate that I would like to chime into. Should Asatrurs, and for that fact any other heathen or pagan practice and go about their rites in the language they were originally practiced in such as Jews with Hebrew and Catholics with Latin? To me this seems like…

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Blots vs. Libations

  We, in the Asatru world have many holidays, and many gods, we also have very  busy lives! There are times in our lives when we just do not have the time to make a full blot. Now when I say that I am thinking of a very ritualistic blot, one of my favorite things to do. But when I am just to busy around a important holiday, such as FreyFaxi…

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