New TAC Program: Ambassador Program

****Link to application now available at the bottom!**** At The Asatru Community we are always trying to improve the programs we already have,such as gatherings, events, the magazine, community out reach etc, but beyond this, we also try to bring new programs and projects to our members. So, I am proud to announce the beginnings of a new program/ project. The Ambassador Program. The goal of the Ambassador Program, from…

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Asatru Blot. What is it, and how do you perform one?

Hail and welcome! In heathenism, blots are one of the most important rituals that we can do, it keeps us connected to The Holy Powers, the gods and goddess. Below is a simple guild, and How-To. Enjoy! =) Blots are a sacrifice, to the gods, the wights, even ancestors. Any of The Holy Powers.They are a way to communicate with them, to ask for gifts and give them in return. Blots can…

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My exspereince with the Vattir of Lassen National Park

At the time that I am writing this article, I am sitting in Lassen Nation Park, being eaten alive by bugs. When I say eaten alive, I mean it. I have around, I guess 47 bug bites. Knowing me are these just normal bug bites? No, of course not. They are all swollen to the size of half dollar coins. Huge. They are also raised. I am utterly miserable. Is…

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“How-To” #3 Honoring the Ancestors by Sarah Strickland

This weeks “How-To” was written by one of our very own Council members; Sarah Strickland! Thank you very much Sarah! Ancestor veneration is an important part of Asatru, but for those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a practice that can be a little overwhelming and confusing.  This post will try to answer the three most common questions about ancestor worship. Why honor the ancestors? We owe them our lives, literally. …

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A wonderful quote

This will be a very short post, I just found this quote from the current leader of the Asatruarfelagid, and it resonates with me deeply. “Monotheism is one truth for the masses, but polytheism is many truths for the individual. ” —Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, interviewed in 2010 What do you think about what he is saying? Tweet

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Today is Ostara!

So in case you missed it, and need some last minuet Ostara info, here is my Ostara post!: ( I think I will write  a post in the next few days on what I did for Ostara, and how it went) While there is a goddess named Ostara, there is also a holiday. Today’s post is about the holiday, versus the deity. (To learn more about the being Ostara, please…

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