Well, i am not sure why it took so long for me to get to this post, i actually feel like i have talked about it before… oh well i’m pretty sure this is the first dedicated post on UPGs. UPGs are a very important part about heathenism whether you agree with them or not. What does UPG mean? Well i shall tell you what it stands for, then what it actually means, then…

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The Asatru Community’s Codes of Conduct

The following rules are those of The Asatru Community and have been agreed on by the founder, myself (Seth Alföðurson) and the Advisory Council (J Oskar Ericksen, Svava Wotansdottir, Lief Váfuðr, Sarah Strickland and Tina Cooper). We have decided that these codes of conduct are not outrageous and are fair. If you do not respect and follow these rules then please remove yourself from The Asatru Community (to be referred from here on as…

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