*I believe that Kari, like some other Giants, is an ancient God/ Spirit. You are entitled to your own opinion.*

I do not know about you, but I just found out about Kari, a male god of the wind, or northern wind. I did not know he existed, and now that I do I am fascinated with him. I love writing about the lesser gods so much more than the well known. So I hope that you all enjoy learning and reading about Kari! Here we go!

Kari is the son of Fornjot, an ancient Norse giant who was also a king of Finland. He had three sons, Kari the personified god of the wind. Aegir husband of Ran and god of the sea. And Logi (it is debatable whether Loki and Logi are the same being, sources differ) the personified god of fire.

Kári is mentioned in one of the thulur as a term for wind. Otherwise this personage appears only in the Hversu and Orkneyinga saga accounts where Kári appears to be the heir to his father’s kingdoms as in the Hversu Kári’s descendants emerge also as rulers of Finland and Kvenland. Kári is father of a son who is named Frosti (‘frost’) according to the Orkneyinga saga but named Jökul (jǫkull: ‘icicle, ice, glacier’) according to the Hversu. This son in turn is the father of Snær the Old (Snærr inn gamli ‘Snow the Old’)-(Wikipedia).

Kari is an important part of the pantheon of nature gods/ spirits. He is a ancient giant, and primordial force that may even predate the nine world. He is ancient. He is the wind.

Now you may ask, Isn’t Odin the wind god? And didn’t Odin set a giant eagle at the top of Yggdrasil to create the wind? Well there are simple answers for all of these! As with many things in any mythology gods “duties” overlap! Is Odin a god of the air? Yes. Is Kari the god of the wind? Yes. Just as Njord and Aegir both are gods of the sea, albeit different aspects. Just as Sunna and Mani are the personified gods of the sun and moon respectfully, so Kari is the personified god of the wind, which is the eagle, instead of the sun or moon.

Kari, like Skadhi is also the god of cold, ice and snow, being the god of the northern wind, it goes with the job.

Kari is a fan of the reindeer, and they are his patron animal, they are beloved to him. It is said one of his homes is in Nifflhiem, the world of cold, ice and snow where he lives in a cave with his granddaughters. (Kari’s Shrine)

Well I think that about does it for Kari, the little known god of the northern winds!

Until next time! May Kari bless you with kind winds! Hail Kari!


  • David

    November 5, 2013, 2:29 pm

    I’m trying to figure out how to write jǫkull (glacier) in runes. Can you help?

    • Seth Alföðurson

      November 5, 2013, 6:50 pm

      Look uo Elder Futhark, and write the corresponding letters =)

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