The runes are the “magical” letters that were handed down to us (humans) by the all father Odin. He hung himself upon Yggdrasil for nine night, pierced by his own spear to gain knowledge. On the ninth night, he fell from the tree and seeing the runes, he grasped them. There are many forms of runes. Elder Futhark (My perferred) Younger Futhark. Anglo Saxon, also known as Futhorc. Then there is Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Gothic. All are derived from Elder Futhark.

I know that hung on the wind tossed tree all of nine nights,

Wounded by spear, bespoken to Hos, bespoken myself to myself,

Neither horn they upheld nor handed me bread;

I looked below me – aloud l cried -caught up the runes,

Caught them up wailing, thence to the ground fell again.


Do you know how to read? Do you know how to cut?

Do you know how to colour? Do you know how to prove?

Do you know how to offer? Do you know how to sacrifice?

Do you know how to project? Do you know how to destroy?

The runes have many abilities and forms of “magic” The most common of these forms are Galdr.

Galdr: Chanting the names of the runes in a very rythmatic way in order to change your state of mind. Very good for meditating and if done properly can even put you in a trance.

Divination: Using the runes, their meanings and the way in which you draw them to answer questions about issues, and to get glimpses of possible future events.

Bind Runes: Taking multiple runes, and their meanings and combining them for their desired effect. Such as a bind rune for protection, or good sleep, health. You can make a bind rune for almost anything.

Then we come to the more ancient, “magical” abilities of the runes, that i do not know how to do, nor do i know of any one who knows how to do these things save Odin, the rune master. With runes you can blunt a blade, raise the dead back to life, make something so hot it cannot be touched. Make something impervious to harm (such as Baldr) I do not remember how many, but it is something like Odin knows 99 different spells using runes to do extraordinary things. If i am wrong on the number please correct me.

This is the Elder Futhark. My preferred runes to use for anything.

I shall have follow up pages under this page detailing bind runes, galdr and divination. Look for them! May the holy powers watch over you and guild and protect you!


  • Caro Synke

    November 15, 2012, 6:14 am

    Hi Youngasatruar,

    Just stumbled across your nice site. According to the Hávamál, Odin knew of 18 spells. It’s not clearly related to his knowledge of the runes. Here’s an on-line translation:

  • Janny

    February 6, 2014, 4:24 am

    Thank you for this, I was searching for how to paint these on my body as an act of Worship to our Gods & Goddesses and to learn of them, and from them more. I am newly awakened and really appreicate this information. Heil to you all and to our ancestors and ALL our Gods & Goddesses

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