What is TAC?


The Asatru Community Inc., Or TAC Inc., is the largest, fastest growing Asatru 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization in the world, and TAC is not like other Asatru organizations that you may be a part of, or have heard of. TAC is not perfect, but we strive to offer the heathen community something new, and something different. 


Before we get any farther, it is important to give a brief definition of what Asatru is:





































TAC is an idea. An idea that heathens of various belief systems can come together in a safe, free environment to share, spread, and gain knowledge from their fellows. An idea that events can be hosted around the world by various individuals and kindreds to help support their local communities. We understand that ideas will vary greatly, and we support and hope that they do. There can be no free thought without varying ideas. This is how we learn, and experience the real world, how it was intended to be experienced.


What makes The Asatru Community different? Well there are a few ways in which The Asatru Community differs from other organizations. Are we better? Well that is for you to decide, but we do try to be different. We do not have any membership fees. It is free to join as a Charter Member, and we would love to have you!


So, what do we do? What are we for? Well, that all depends on why you are a part of TAC. We are a network; connecting kindreds and individuals around the world so that they can provide each other, through TAC, knowledge, teachings, and aid when possible. Our goal at TAC is to try and unify as many heathens as possible to create a network of knowledge and wisdom that all members can tap into, throughout the world. We provide the tools needed to grow already existing kindreds and help create new ones. We help those who wish to stay individual, with the resources that they need to learn and grow in the way that they want to. We host events, gatherings, and spread TAC’s message throughout the Asatru communities.

You do not have to compromise or change your ideals to join TAC or participate. There will be many varying ideas.

Kindreds and individuals who are members of TAC retain their individuality but have access to the larger whole.


What does TAC offer? Think of it this way: you or your kindred are an individual village. You run things the way you want to, you are isolated and do things the way you want. You have your own rules, you have your own ways to honor the Holy Powers, and you take care of your own the way that your own community needs to. But here and there you travel to the market place to trade, gather news, hear stories, partake in raids (we will not be doing this!) and join in some greater community events outside of your own village. That is exactly what TAC is!

TAC is the market place you go to! You come bringing your goods to trade, (knowledge, the willingness to host events, services that you can provide, members, ideas, wisdom, your own networks, etc.) and you get those things back in return from others around the world who have come to that marketplace, that network, to trade. Do the traders there tell you what to do, or how to do something? No! So where does the administration come in then if they do not tell you what to do?


Well, they would be the market guards! They stand at the side and watch. They do not tell you what to do, however if there is a fight, or a thief in the market they kick them out of the marketplace to keep the peaceful trading going. The marketplace has some basic rules, which the traders and villagers must follow. Not to control them, but rather to simply keep the peace. Are you starting to see what TAC is?

TAC has a strong online presence and a rapidly growing presence in the real world. TAC is the tools and the network, but you are still the providers and the people that will make TAC grow and become what we know it can be!


Unlike other organizations, we are not all unified under one way of doing something or thinking. All of our members are free to do as they please (if they abide by our By-Laws). Unlike other organizations and groups, we allow you to practice, and do things the way that you want to do them. But it all depends on you, and your needs.


So why should you join TAC? Well TAC is not for everyone. If you want a network, with anchors in real people and real communities, that is safe and free of racism, a place where you can have access to growing libraries of information, a place where you can reach out to others similar to you, a place where there is a true sense of community, then The Asatru Community is right for you.


If you would like to learn more, please explore our website or send an email to theasatrucommunity@outlook.com, with an appropriate subject please.


Thank you!

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