Odd and the First Giants Book Review


At my house, we do story time before bed. This is a great time to tell stories about the Gods, about the ancestors, or that highlight a Noble Virtue. I picked up a few Norse themed children’s books to add to our collection, and this one is a gem.


I am a pretty huge Neil Gaiman fan, so I had to see what this book was about. As a writer, he draws inspiration from the stories of the Norse Gods quite often. You may be interested in checking out his book, American Gods, for yourself. He was also one of the main writers for the CG Beowulf that came out in 2007. However, his adult novels tend to be pretty dark and creepy and this made me a little hesitant to buy one of his children’s books.

I was pleased to discover a delightful story about a young boy named Odd who finds three animals in the forest with strange needs. You can expect cameos from several Gods, who stay true to their characters. It is set in ancient Norway and appropriate for all ages.


For independent readers, I would guess a 7yr old or an 8yr old would manage just fine. It is a very good length for reading as a family in chapters as well. It is 111 pages long, with 8 chapters, so they are well spaced for reading a chapter a day. It reads very easy with a smooth flow, and there are lovely illustrations by Brett Helquist in every chapter.

I ordered mine from Amazon.com and the copy I bought was hardcover. You can find them new for $5.04-$14.99. It is a lovely cloth bound book with gold writing and a full color picture on the front, so it will make a great addition to your bookshelf.

If you decide to pick this book up, don’t miss out on the teaching opportunities it provides you. Have a mini discussion with each chapter. Ask things like, “What Noble Virtue was Odd showing us in the chapter?” “Why do you think Thor would do that?” “What gifts did Freya give Odd?”

I loved it and highly recommend it for you to share with your little ones.

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