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Hyde Addams

Director of the Ambassador Program

Hail all, my name is Hyde Addams. I was born in Sydney, Australia but moved to the USA when I was 7. I spent 10 years living in Florida before moving to Perth, Australia. I have been nominated and elected as Director of the Ambassador Program, a position I hope to fill to the best of my ability. I want to provide the best experience I can for all ambassadors; current and future. I will work with the other members of Board and the ambassadors a like to ensure we give everyone a great experience.

Jeremy Onishea Sr. 

Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program

Hail to the members of The Asatru Community! My name Is Jeremy Onishea Sr. I found The Asatru Community Inc while researching inclusive heathenry learning groups online in early 2020. After reading the description and looking around the website it seemed like the place for me, so I became a member. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Within TAC I found more than just some “assembly” of people. I found a family and a community where all our members strive to help and lift each other up whenever possible. I haven’t ever really had a place I felt I “belong” until now. I completed ambassador training in October 2020 and became A lead ambassador in November then World Wandering Lead in Late December 2020. I am also the chairmen of the Partner business Program, as well as owner and operator of an Asgardian Partner Business with my son. I am an empath who has a passion for learning as well as helping others in any way I can. The Ambassador Program has given me an opportunity to help guide others on their learning path as well as progress my own search for wisdom. I look forward to further assisting the amazing ambassadors and members of The Asatru Community within my newest roll as Deputy Director of The Ambassador Program. I am always here to help if anyone has need of me!

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