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Casey Clark 

Director of the Ambassador Program

Hailsa, fine members of The Asatru Community! For those who may not know me yet, I am Casey "Beast" Clark, the Director of the Ambassador Program.


I have been a member of TAC for quite a while now, and have served as both state ambassador and regional ambassador. It is a great honor to be asked to step up to Director now.


I began my journey on the Pagan path 30 years ago, and have learned never to "know" what to expect next. The Gods have an amazing sense of humour at times. I started as simply “New Age”, progressed my way into Druidic studies, and finally landed here at Heathenry, my true home. I am the proud father of 4 small children, and somehow hit the Lucky Guy Lotto with my wife, Laurel. She is beautiful, intelligent, and Heathen.  She tolerates me most the time.


As for my plans with the DoAP position. Our community is based on just that: Community. In order to grow and thrive as a family, we need to have some sort of direction, some guidance, someone to go to on a daily basis for direction. It is my goal to get not just bodies, but able-bodied, well-trained, WILLING people into the spots of Ambassador in each state. It is my goal to eventually have multiple Ambassadors in each state, to help lighten the load. I want Ambassadors who will work with the people, and for the people, to help our communities grow and thrive. It is more than just posting a daily rune study, or a weekly Havamal stanza. It is interacting with people, leading workshops, leading meet & greets, blots, moots, and sumbels, to name a few things. 


I will be revamping the Ambassador training a little, working on the awesome basis that we have now, and utilizing my own experiences to expand on and improve the training, and day to day working of the Ambassadors.


I am excited to begin this journey, and look forward to working with all of you as Director of the Ambassador Program.

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