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Rite of Initiation into a Kindred

Initiation rituals are intended to build up a specific and highly focused magical energy in a previously inert subject.  They establish a contact of energies, and then work through a step-by-step process that brings the candidate into harmony with those energies.

Initiate should wear a black cloak or robe.

Initiate kneels on one knee (or is seated) and sword tip is placed on his/her shoulder.

Godi speaks:

By the touch of this sword

The symbol of Freyr

Powers that he holds

Now pass through you;

For this is your rite

And belongs to no other.

By this sword

You are the instrument

Of our gods and ancestors;

By the sacred sword of cleansing

We do consecrate this rite of recognition

And initiate you into ___(kindred’s name)___.

May the gods take heed

This day/night we do bring ___(initiate’s name)___ of initiate

Of his/her own free will and accord

Into this Kindred’s circle.

Rise now and receive this tendering.

Initiate stands and is handed a horn of mead from the Godi.  Godi dips evergreen sprig into mead and anoints initiate.

Godi speaks:

I give you the blessings of Odin, Balder, Freyr and Thor.

Initiate drinks from the horn and hands it back to the Godi.

Initiate speaks:

Now is the ordeal.

Godi places a sun ring necklace or Thor’s Hammer around the initiate’s neck and recites:

By the power of this circle

Threshold to our gods and noble ancestors;

All here who represent ___(kindred’s name)___ Kindred

Hear now this pledge of our initiate.


Godi and Initiate hold an Oath Ring with their right hands

Initiate speaks:

I ___(Initiates name)___ in this circle troth and in the spirit presence of both inner and outer worlds do, of my own free will, most solemnly swear that I will ever honor and uphold the commitments and ethics of Asatru and the bylaws of ___(kindred name)___ Kindred.  This I do swear by the bond of my word and spirit.  May my weapons turn against me if I break this sacred oath.

At this time the Godi directs the initiate to each of the four cardinal directions, moving sunwise, North, East, South, West, and proclaims at each station:

Hear thee, O high ones of Asgard, as we consecrate this initiate ___(initiate’s name)___ into our Kindred.  By this initiation, you will be sworn evermore to the Gods and Goddesses, to honor and to serve them, and to make manifest their will upon Midgard.  By the powers that bind and endure, In Odin’s name it is done.

We welcome you now to this Kindred.

The rite has now ended.

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