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 Twinkle Ravindran 

Lead Ambassador

New Delhi, India

Hello everyone, I am Twinkle Ravindran, a native from southern India. Born in a Hindu family but never been able to connect with the teachings as. I am Ivy's apprentice. I was introduced to Wicca by a friend about 3 years ago, while learning divination I was drawn to the runes. That's how I started to explore about the runes, I had no idea where they came from. All I wanted was to learn more about them, I started dreaming about them, started feeling as if they are talking to me and I wasn't able to understand what they are talking about. I spoke to my Wiccan teacher, who didn't know much about the runes so she asked me to find ways to learn. I started going through different pages on Facebook in order to find a guide who can help me. I came across Ivy's page and the rest is history. Ivy became my guide/inspiration/teacher/sister - she not only taught me the path , she motivated me to find my own way of learning where other teachers ran away she stood by me and with every step I wanted to be like her. Heathenry helped me to connect with myself and in turn connect with the planet herself. For the first time in my life I felt complete.

I volunteer at a local orphanage called Sai Kripa, they have 63 kids, and they have two major projects. One is a formal school and the other is informal. I train teachers there on Saturdays and on Sundays I spend time with the kids. I work at American Express. I am also learning Tai Chi (medication in motion - is what I call it). I studied Nine Rites of Munay Ki under Sharon Ramel. Munay Ki is based on the empowerment rites of Inca Shamans of Peru. I am inquisitive so learning never stops for me.

I usually go by "Twinkle", I don't use my surname unless it is a legal requirement. I am married. My husband doesn't participate in rituals but he is supportive. As an ambassador I not only hope to connect with others, participate in events as per TAC's requirements, I also hope to learn.

Hail ..!!!

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