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Levi Simmons 

Military Ambassador

Hail! I am Levi Simmons, I’m coming up on my 9th year of active service as a Hospital Corpsman Second Class (E5) in the US Navy. I am currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan and have been in Japan for 6 Years now, I have served on a ship, hospitals and with the Marines. I, like many here, grew up in a Christian home. I never felt quite right whenever we went to church and it didn’t seem like the path I was meant to follow. About 10 years ago I had a pull to the Norse gods, but I, at the time, didn’t think of following them in a spiritual way. It took many years of learning and finally finding groups of people with the same mindset that I was able to call myself a heathen. I aim to educate, encourage and inspire other heathens and pagans who are interested in the path but do not know where to start. I look forward to serving with the community and assisting where I can.

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John Snow

Military Ambassador

John is a Culinary Specialist First Class in the United States Navy. He was brought up in a very religious household within the Church of Christ denomination, but began to question doctrine very early on. In 2006, he officially dedicated himself to the Old Ways and tried to gain as much knowledge of the history and modern interpretations of Paganism and Pagan society. In 2010, John joined the Navy to originally be a CTI (linguist). In 2012, he became an Interfaith Minister and (later that year) began to study the more Nordic branches of Paganism alongside his Roman studies. In 2018, John first joined the Troth and in early 2019, John joined The Asatru Community. He joined the TAC’s Clergy Training Program (currently enrolled) and is a TAC Military Ambassador. John is currently stationed in Manama, Bahrain on the USS Chinook (PC-9) and is also serving as the Pagan Lay Leader to the Base Chapel on Naval Support Activity Bahrain. Personal Note: Apostacy is illegal in Bahrain and (especially) in Saudi Arabia. If you find yourself in Saudi or Bahrain and wish to practice with a group or just want some fellowship, do not hesitate to contact me. I can provide private and secure spaces to worship or congregate on the base. The Pagan Fellowship Service is conducted weekly at 1800 on Tuesdays in the Chapel of Hope.

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