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How to become an Official TAC Partner


Are you a heathen who runs a business/organization or a non-heathen who supports heathenry via their business/organization? Then the TAC Partnership Program is for you!


We ask that you agree to abide by our terms and conditions in order to be added to our website and become an official TAC partner.


Please read below to learn more about our two tiers.


Asgardian and Midgardian Tier Information:


Asgardian Tier:

The Asgardian Tier will consist of 9 partners who have a long-standing relationship with TAC. Those who are invited to join the Asgardian Tier will have their business/organization placed above the Midgardian Tier on the Partner section of our website. Failure to maintain quarterly correspondence with the Chair of the Partner Program may result in demotion of this tier. The Chair of the Partner Program will attempt to make contact with those who do not maintain quarterly correspondence three (3) times; if no response, said partner will be demoted to the Midgardian tier.


Midgardian Tier:

The Midgardian Tier will be available to any TAC Charter Member, or any business/organization that relates to heathenry. Those who sign up will be automatically placed into this tier, unless they've been invited to be placed into the Asgardian Tier. Any business/organization that's in the Midgardian Tier will be placed below the Asgardian Tier on the Partner section of the website.

The Asgardian Tier and the Midgardian Tier will be advertised weekly on The Asatru Community Inc.-TAC page on Facebook. Businesses/organizations that are placed in the Asgardian Tier will receive singular "spotlight" advertisements (in rotation).


Does this sound like something that interests you? If so, please download the following PDF file, fill it out, and upload it on the form found beside it.

Partner Agreement Form.pdf



Once we receive this information, we'll be in contact with you.


Hail to our partners!

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