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Here you shall be able to find a great deal of information of the various beings and entities found within Norse Mythology. 


It is important to note that all of the beings below are here, becuase they did not fit into more defined categories, The Aesir, Jotnar etc. To learn more about the more well known Holy Powers, check the tabs above. 


If there is a being you would like to learn more about, please let us know!And if you would like to tell us what you know about a specific being, please contact us at with your work!


The Draugr, which can be likened to Norse Zombies, were fearsome creatures, whom were feared creatly throughout Scandenavian communities. 


Dwarves, the stalky, grumpy, underground men, you love them, or hate them. But how much do you really know about them? Learn more above! 

Elves (Alfur)

The elves, or alfur, are probably the most well known "being" that you will find in this section. But how much do you really know about them? 


The warrior shield maidens of Odin. They choose who shall fall in battle, and carriy thier souls to Odin's hall of Valhalla.  

The Vaettir 

The Vaettir, or spirits, play a major role within the Norse Cosmology, and in modern heathenry, learn more about them and thier siginificance today! 

Hugin and Munin

The two mythical Ravens of Odin whom fly around the world each day to report thier findings to the All-Father. Learn more by clicking the picture above! 


The mighty forces of nature and chaos. The Giants, Jotuns, Jotnar, whatever you call them, learn more about them above! 

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