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What is a Blot?


A blot, is a ritual  sacrifice, to the Gods, the Wights, ancestors, alfr etc. Any of The Holy Powers. They are a way to communicate with them, to ask for intangible gifts and give them in return. "A gift for a gift as it must always be." There is a debate as to whether or not the word "Blot" is appropriate for non blood sacrifices, many practitioners will also use the term "Faining" as an alternative if it is not a blood blot.

A blot can be preformed at any time, for a variety of needs: rain, health, strength, luck, the harvest etc. To whom the blot is dedicated to, is completely up to you and your needs at the specific time.


 The following example is an All Gods Blot. Blots are usually performed on or around holidays, however, blots are also done when ever you feel the need, whenever your connection to the divine needs that recharge, or you are in need of inspiration etc.

 Please remember that the following is only an example! Is it right? For some people it is. Is it wrong? For some people it will seem that way. However I think it is a pretty simple, and good example for beginners. If you would like to share how you perform a blot to give a wider idea of the practice to our community, feel free to! On a side note, this outline is if you are making a sacrifice of some sort of liquid, if you are not, obvious changes will need to be made. But feel free to alter this in any way to fit your needs!

Key Terms:

  • Hallowing: To make holy or set apart for holy use, or to respect greatly.

  • The Holy Powers: The Aesir, Vanir, Vaettir, Landvaettir, Ancestors, Alfur etc.

  • Vaettir: Spirits

  • Alfur: Elves

  • Galdr: A chanting of the names of the Elder Futhark.

  • Futhark: The runic alphabet.

  • Thor: Son of Odin and Jord, god of thunder and mankind.

  • Harrow: Altar


Pre-Blot Set Up Items Needed:

  • A Hammer or hammer symbol 

  • Blessing Bowl

  • Table top or something similar etc. 

  • A Knife

  • A Sprig or Branch

  • Offering, alchohol, animal sacrifice, apple juice etc, 

  • A Horn

Blot Procedures:



Purpose: To hallow and make holly the area in which the blot is being held. To banish all evil, ill willed spirits, and invite in The Holy Powers that are being invoked



Take the hammer, and make the sign of the hammer in every direction, North, South, East, and West, as well as above, and below.

As you make the sign of the hammer (an inverted down T) say “Hammer in the (blank) hallow and hold this holy stead


Once the space is hallowed it is time to ask Thor to banish all evil/unwanted entities.

Now it is time to invite in whom you wish to be present.


Example: “Thor! Son of Odin and Jord! I invoke you in all your names! May you bear witness to our celebrations this day in your honor! May your presence be felt. May you partake and celebrate with us! Hail!



Purpose: To enter a certain mindset.




Galdr or Reading from the Havamal (Or Both) or A reading of poetry or singing, (Or all three).


The Call:


Purpose: To get the attention of those being invoked, to invite the in The Holy Powers that you are honoring. To invite them in, to ask them to take part in your celebrations.Face north, and invoke the names of those you wish present.


EX: “Mighty ones in Asgard, Vanahiem, shining gods and goddesses of my folk, Alfur, landvaettir, and my ancestors. I call upon you in all of your names to be here with me today”


The Rede:


Purpose: Declaration of Purpose. Informing those present, as well as those you are honoring, why you are there.Procedure: Face north, and your “congregation” and declare why you are there, what you are thanking the gods for, what you are asking from them, etc.


EX: “We are here today to give honor to the Aesir and the Vanir, to the gods and goddesses of my folk for the many gifts that they have bestowed upon me. I ask that they continue to bestow their gifts upon me.”




Purpose: Declaring what you are giving to The Holy Powers as a sacrifice, and why. Ask them to bestow their blessings upon you.Procedure: Poor the sacrifice into to horn, and raise it aloft.


Ex: “We give you this drink, blended with the might and main of my deeds, take well our gift, but not as from a thrall, for we have no master, but as from free men and as a sign of our kinship and fellowship. We ask that you imbue this drink with your gifts and blessings! Hail!”




Purpose: To metaphorically take in the blessings of the divine.Procedure:

Make the sign of the hammer over the horn


 Hail the deity(s)





Purpose: Another way to accept the blessings of the divine.Procedure:

Poor the remaining liquid from the horn into the blessing bowl.

Make the sign of the hammer over the bowl.

Take your sprig, swirl it around in the bowl.

Sprinkle the liquid upon the gathered folk and say something to the effect of “The blessings of the (who you are honoring) be upon you. Hail”




Purpose: A way I which you give your thanks, and your blessings to the Holy Powers.

The Gods have put their blessings in the drink, which you have had, thus you put your blessings in the drink and give it to the divine.




Remove the bowel from the harrow and face north, and pour the remaining liquid onto the earth.


Say something to the effect of: “Thus the work is once again wrought, and gifts have been given, each to the other as it must always be. May it strengthen our folk to trust in the might and main of Asgard, Vanahiem and all the Nine Worlds. May the gods and goddesses, Alfur, and landvaettir as well as the ancestors guide my steps and may Thor’s hammer protect me”




Purpose:To declare that the blot is done procedure:

Raise hands in the sky and say: “Hail! (To specific being)” say some closing statements and touch mjolnir and the blot is done.

There are some great videos of blots on YouTube, my favorite is the Yule Blot, by... I forget who.


And there you have it! A very simple blot outline. It is very important to remember that a blot can be anthing from a simple libation by yourself in the woods, or a well structured, well planned out reitualistic event with guests etc. Its all up to you, and your connection with the gods. 

Click on the image to learn more about specific Blots and Rituals

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