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The sacred ritual of Blot, there are many ways to do it, some right, and some wrong, some extravagant, and some simple, how you do blot, will vary, but here now on our site, is a section dedicated to some great outlines to go off to create your own, or blots that one can perform!


Use these as you will! You may use them for your own blots, or as simple outlines to make your own blots for the future. These are here for a tool for you!

Traditional Blot

A general Blot Outline
Feast of Thunar
and Vali Blot


Thunar: January 20th - February 18th

Vali: February 14th

Charming of the Plow Blot

Feburary 2nd
Ostara Blot

March 19th - 21st
Midsummer Blot

June 20th - 21st
Frey Faxi Blot

August 28th
Walpurgisnacht Blot

May 1st
Sumarsdag Blot

Winter Nights Blot

September 20th - 21st
Winter Finding Blot

October 14th - 15th
Mother's Night Blot

December 12th or 22nd
Yule Blot

December 21st - January 1st
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