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Please allow at least 48 hours to receive a reply from any Board Member or Director listed here. We are all volunteers and will respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience!

President Topher.jpg

President: Topher Henry

Dennis Oglesby.png

Vice-President: Dennis Oglesby


  • Affiliated/Official Kindred Information


Chairman of the Board: Hyde Addams

  • Inquiries about Board Members

  • Inquiries about Board policies 

  • Inquiries regarding the By-Laws


Founder: Seth Chagi

  • Fundraising Information

  • Havamal Program

Ambassador Program

Director of the Ambassador Program: Jeremy Onishea

Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program: TBD

  • Questions regarding events

  • Questions regarding funding for events

  • Questions regarding ambassadors, regions, or regional ambassadors

  • Issues with Ambassadors, events, or other occurrences.

Religious Affairs

John's Beard Uniform.jpg

Director of Religious Affairs: John W. Snow III

Deputy Director of Religious Affairs: Brandon Hummel

  • Questions about Ordination

  • Questions about the Clergy Training Program

  • Questions on our registered gothar

  • Religious/spiritual inquiries/counsel needs

Public Relations/Mirmir's Well


Director of Public Relations: Jerry Baker

Deputy Director of Public Relations: TBD

  • Anything concerning Public Relations

  • Anything concerning Social Media

  • Anything concerning the magazine:

  • Typos/Errors

  • Questions

  • Suggestions​

Military Affairs

Dave Nix.jpg

Director of Military Affairs: David Nix

Deputy Director of Military Affairs: TBD

  • Anything related to TAC and the military, veterans, or first responders

  • Havamal/Voluspa Program(s)

Partner Program

Jeremy O.jpg

Chair of the Partner Program: Jeremy Onishea Sr.

  • Joining

  • Questions

  • Information

Penpal Program


Chair of the Pen-Pal Program: Charles O'Reilly

  • Questions related to the Penpal program

Jeddar Felix.jpg

High Drighten: Jeddar Felix

  • Charter Member Concerns

  • Official Voice and Representative of our Members

  • If you have suggestions for the Board

  • If you have complaints for the Board

Austin Harasti Gothi_edited_edited.jpg

Membership Chair: Austin Harasti

  • Charter Member Status Check/etc.

    • Details about Charter Membership

    • Application process, welcome emails/letters, etc.

    • Appeals

  • TAC Website Charter Member Registration

Treasurer: TBD

  • Donation Information

  • Tax information

  • IRS Information

Website Management

  • Anything concerning TAC Website

  • Typos/Errors

  • Questions

  • Suggestions​

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