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If you have a question about something local - such as kindreds, events, or ANYTHING else locally, our Ambassadors should be your first contact. You can find them on our website under "Ambassador Central."

If it is something more specific, please refer to the following, and please understand that we do not use Facebook messenger for business purposes, as there are just so many of you it would be hard to manage!

Please allow at least 48 hours to receive a reply from any Board Member or Director listed here. We are all volunteers, we have jobs and/or school. families, and our own responsibilities outside of TAC.


We will respond as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

Regarding Charter Members or TAC in General:

Michael Stimaze

Membership Chair: Membership@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Charter Member Status Check/etc.

    • Details about Charter Membership

    • Application process, welcome emails/letters, etc.

    • Appeals

  • TAC Website Charter Member Registration

Topher Henry

President: TopherH@theasatrucommunity.org

Ivy Mulligan

Vice President: IvyM@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Anything pertaining to TAC in general

Regarding the Board or By-Laws:

Dennis "Jorvik" Oglesby - Chairman of the Board: DennisO@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Inquiries about Board Members

  • Inquiries about Board policies 

  • Inquiries regarding the By-Laws

Regarding Charter Member Representation:

Alex Day - High Drighten:


  • Charter Member Concerns

  • Official Voice and Representative of our Members

  • If you have suggestions for the Board

  • If you have complaints for the Board

Regarding Religious Affairs:

Jaclyn Bush - Director of Religious Affairs (DORA):


  • Questions about Ordination

  • Questions about the Clergy Training Program

  • Questions on our registered Gothar

  • Religious/Spiritual inquiries/counsel needs

Regarding the Ambassador Program:

Casey Clark -  Director of the Ambassador Program: CaseyC@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Questions regarding events

  • Questions regarding funding for events

  • Questions regarding ambassadors, or regions, or regional ambassadors

  • Issues with Ambassadors, events, or other occurrences.

Questions regarding how you are doing, or what you need to do as an Ambassador.

Regarding Military Affairs:

David Nix - Director of Military Affairs:  DavidN@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Anything related to TAC and the military, veterans, or 1st responders

  • Havamal/Voluspa Programs(s)

Regarding Anything Financial:

Topher Henry, President - Treasurer, TBD: TopherH@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Donation Information

  • Tax information

  • IRS Information

Regarding Public Relations:

 Amy Flickinger - Director of Public Relations (DOPR): AmyF@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Anything concerning Public Relations

  • Media Creation Team info.

  • Social Media Team, admins/mods, info.

  • Website/website editing: suggestions, questions, and concerns.

Media Creation Team:

Ashleah Hudson - Media Creation Team Manager: AshleahH@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Concerning any content created for media purposes

  • Submissions for content creation

Relating to the Magazine:

Ashleah Hudson - Editor in Chief

  • Anything concerning the magazine:

    • Typos/Errors

    • Questions

    • Suggestions

Social Media:

To Be Filled - Social Media Manager

Social Media: Temporarily filled by Amy Flickinger (DOPR)

  • Issues with individuals on social media

  • Issues with posts on social media

  • Questions about social media

We hope that this clears some things up, and allows you all to get your questions answered, and by the right people!

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