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Regarding Charter Members or TAC in General:

Michael Stimaze

Membership Chair: Membership@theasatrucommunity.org

  • Charter Member Status Check/etc.

    • Details about Charter Membership

    • Application process, welcome emails/letters, etc.

    • Appeals

  • TAC Website Charter Member Registration

Topher Henry

President: TopherH@theasatrucommunity.org

Dennis Oglesby

Vice President: Denniso@Theasatrucommunity.org

  • Anything pertaining to TAC in general

Regarding the Board or By-Laws:

Alex Day - Chairman of the Board:


  • Inquiries about Board Members

  • Inquiries about Board policies 

  • Inquiries regarding the By-Laws

Regarding Charter Member Representation:

TBA - High Drighten:

  • Charter Member Concerns

  • Official Voice and Representative of our Members

  • If you have suggestions for the Board

  • If you have complaints for the Board

Regarding Religious Affairs:

Jaclyn Bush - Director of Religious Affairs (DORA):


  • Questions about Ordination

  • Questions about the Clergy Training Program

  • Questions on our registered Gothar

  • Religious/Spiritual inquiries/counsel needs

Regarding the Ambassador Program:

Saverio Donancricchia-  Director of the Ambassador Program: SaverioD@Theasatrucommunity.org

  • Questions regarding events

  • Questions regarding funding for events

  • Questions regarding ambassadors, or regions, or regional ambassadors

  • Issues with Ambassadors, events, or other occurrences.

Questions regarding how you are doing, or what you need to do as an Ambassador.

Regarding Military Affairs:

David Nix - Director of Military Affairs: 


  • Anything related to TAC and the military, veterans, or 1st responders

  • Havamal/Voluspa Programs(s)

Regarding Anything Financial:

Mardoll Brisingamen- Treasurer:


  • Donation Information

  • Tax information

  • IRS Information

Regarding Public Relations:

Stephan Gunn- Director of Public Relations (DOPR): StephanG@Theasatrucommunity.org

  • Anything concerning Public Relations

Media Creation Team:

Seth Chagi - Media Creation Team Manager:


  • Concerning any content created for media purposes

  • Submissions for content creation

Mimir's Well Team:

Ashleah Hudson - Editor in Chief


  • Anything concerning the magazine:

    • Typos/Errors

    • Questions

    • Suggestions

Social Media:

Mac McCurdy - Social Media Manager:


  • Issues with individuals on social media

  • Issues with posts on social media

  • Questions about social media

Web Development:


Julie Kimberlin - Chair of the Web Development Team:


  • Anything concerning the website:

    • Edits and Errors

    • Questions

    • Suggestions

Partner Program:

Jessica Green - Chair of the Partner Program:


  • Joining

  • Questions

  • Information


All other questions or concerns can be sent directly to theasatrucommunity@outlook.com.

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