We are immensely excited that you're interested in the Clergy Training Program (CTP)!


What is the Clergy Training Program?
It's one of TAC's many goals to provide dedicated individuals with the tools they need to become a legally recognized Gothi/Gydja in their local area. The course itself has been created by Volunteers and other qualified Gothar with the student in mind. Whether you've only been following the Old Ways for a year or two, or if you've been a practitioner all your life, we hope to supply and strengthen your abilities to walk out of the course with something new and useful to you and your community.

 What are the Requirements?
The individual must:

-Have practiced Asatru for a full year
-Agree to and pass a background check
-Have a High School Diploma or equivalent completion of education
-Be active in the TAC groups
-Be active in their local pagan community (if applicable)
-Have the ability to travel independently
-Have been a Charter Member for 90 days


What topics are covered in the Clergy Training Program?
The class modules cover, but are not limited to; The Asatru Lunar Calendar, Asatru Magic, Runes, Herblore, Sumbels, Marriages, Funerals, Healing, Modern Heathenry, Community Service, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution.


How much does the Clergy Training Program Cost?
TAC offers two payment plans for the CTP.

1: A one time payment of $200 before beginning the course.
2: A series of $10 payments per class module. There are currently 29 modules, totaling to $290.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Director of Religious Affairs, Jaclyn "Jaska" Bush at


If you are interested in applying for the program, please fill out the PDF forms below and attach them to the appropriate application.

Needed Forms

Background Check Release Form

TAC Volunteer Agreement Form

TAC Ordained Clergy Agreement

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