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We are currently not accepting donations at this time

The Asatru Community Inc. is an official Non Profit Asatru organization incoorporated in California, with offical 501(c)3 nonprofit status, whos only goals are the advancement of Asatru, and Asatruar's place in the world through the sharing of information, knoweldedge, and teachings; through gatherings of good people, and a safe enviroment for growth and personal exspansion. To learn more about us, check out the "About Us" tab at the top. 


All donations go to the betterment of The Asatru Community Inc. at large, by contributing to the maintanence of our website, yearly and monthly fees, events throughout the world hosted by our charter members, our Ambassadors, veteran and military outreach, and much more. 


Note: Donations are tax deductible. 


Donations also may find thier way into the creaton of merchandice, magazines, community outreach, and general organizational and operational fees that TAC Inc. will face now and in the coming future. 


For more information or any comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. 




For questions regarding donations: E-mail:

We at The Asatru Community Inc. A non profit charity, are an organization dedicated to the betterment of the Asatru faith, and all her practitioners all over the world.


We help with community outreach, host event gatherings and local events, as well as foster the largest international community of Asatruar in the world.


There is a lot that we are, can, and want to do to support heathens all over the world, physically, and spiritually. But its time to face reality. Things cost money. We are the only international Asatru Organization that is 100% free to join as a Charter Member. We never require our members to pay for our services, and that is how we want to keep it, but things cost money, and small donations, while very helpful and we appreciate them, barely cover overhead.


There are many projects that we want to peruse, and need your help with, such as:


1. A Physical Magazine sent out to Charter Members

2. A "Starter/ Welcome" package for new Charter Members.

3.  Real world, physical events and gatherings for various holidays (Sponsored by TAC) for Charter, and non Charter Members.

4. Videos, Podcasts, and other Media for all Members

5. Kindred Building

6. Military Outreach and Support 

7. Veteran Outreach and Support

8. And so much more! 


All of these projects require funds, funds that as  Non-Profit that does not charge any fees, are very hard to come by. So we are coming to you, the community, will you support this cause?


Will you support the fostering and spreading of Asatru communities around the world?


Learn more about our organization, and read our By-Laws here.


To learn where all of our donations go, visit the "Financial Report" tab located under the "Donate Tab". We highly appreciate all contributions to our community. 


T-Shirts and other merchandise is also available form time to time, so stay up to date on that. 


Hail and thank you! 


Hail The Gods and The Godesses 


Hail the Community! 



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