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When: August 10th-12th 2018
Where: Midian Festivals and Events
               4093 Boone Hollow Rd.
               Springville, IN 47462

Join us for three days of camping, fun, and frith with friends and family! Meet fellow like-minded heathens as you enjoy a weekend full of workshops, contests, music, and revelry. Browse the goods offered by vendors. Dance around the nightly bonfires and camp beneath the stars. With games and events for the whole family we hope this festival will be successful and become the first of many!

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  • BONUS DAY - As a special thank you to the people who make everything we do possible, our Charter Members, we are offering a FREE additional festival day on Thursday August 9th. Get first pick of camping spaces and enjoy an extra day to explore the grounds and meet other members and TAC volunteers

  • TICKET DISCOUNT - Charter Members get a 25% off discount on ticket pre-orders on top of the bonus day. Four days of fun for only $30!

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  • Children ages 0-14 FREE!


MF = Main Field, MP = Main Pavillion (located next to kitchen, EG = Elder Grove (Left of MF), AS = Ancestor Shrine, BC = Bardic Circle (Located next to showers), FS = First Aid and Security

MF = Main Field, MP = Main Pavillion (located next to kitchen, EG = Elder Grove (Left of MF), AS = Ancestor Shrine, BC = Bardic Circle (Located next to showers), FS = First Aid and Security




Offerings: Ancestors and Gods –AS 3:30-4:30 Friday
Please Bring a Chair
A Gift for a Gift? A Gift for Thanks? I Gift for celebration? A Gift for Honour? A Gift of thought?
Heathens now and Heathens then Knew and understood the value of a Gift was not materialistic means. Here we will Explore the meanings of Gifts and offerings for occasions and spiritual growth not just with our gods, but in our relationships, honor and blessing


Seidr Séance- AS -Friday 9pm

Seidr(pronounced SIDE in Norwegian) Séance What is Seidr, and why do it? Seidr is a form of mysticism that a Völva practices which involves the Völva to visit the well of Urd via a self-induced trance state to manipulate the weaving of Wyrd, as well as to bring back messages that may be pertinent to the inquiring people involved in the Ritual. There are a few forms of performing Seidr; one is known as Out-sitting: this is where a Völva might go to a sacred area and “meditate”, by going deep in trance and bring back insight from usually the Ancestors, but sometimes Landvaettir, or other Wights. This was depicted in the Edda’s and the Saga’s as the Völva sitting upon a burial mound, but graveyards, as well as remote wildness settings, are common places to perform out-sitting today. A Völva might perform spells and incantations; and this is accomplished again, by inducing a altered state, then using Gladr (chanting) or Gladralag (metered incantations) to alter the flow of someone’s Wyrd. Finally we have the séance; and this is where a Volva sits upon a “high seat” and with the help of a shared intention by a working group of Spa sisters; they hold her intention as she travels to the Norn’s to bring back prophetic sayings pertinent to the tribal members gathered to witness the rite. When the Völva is in a self-induced trance she will answer questions, and the questions usually are of a important nature, aligned with the intention of the journey to the Norn’s. For this festival, and for the gathered Kindred involved, we will be performing a Seidr séance, and the intention will be “Healing of the Communities via Knowledge, Application and Belief.”

HIGH SEAT MF- Saturday 8pm

Counsel of the Elders Friday Saturday Sunday 9-10am EG

We are the Elder’s that have forged the path in which you walk. We are the Wisdom Keepers that teach the ways of the old. We understand challenges, as we have faced them. We understand sacrifices, as we have made them. In this house we do not mix words, as we know that self-responsibility is always the best path. Join us as we share our collective wisdom with you, and you weave your wyrd into the loom. May honor always be yours and may your journey be blessed.

How to Be a Warrior in Today’s World Saturday 9am MP

Is it possible to be a warrior in today's world? What would that look like and how would it be different than being one in the past. Often today there are no clear boundaries set for self-responsibility and honor. We live in a fast-paced fear-driven society that does not value families and communities like we did in times past.In this interactive Workshop we will examine the qualities of;  The historic Hero’s and compare them to those qualities that we possess today in our modern environment. We will create and examine our own personal honor code and delve deeper into what the roots of these words truly mean. We will examine our own fears and see how they can be a catalyst for courage. As a group we will discuss the 10 qualities that every individual needs to possess in order to be a successful Warrior in today's world. We will Galdr our warrior power.



Blood of My Blood – AS 5-6pm-
Rev. Bill Duvendack
Working with ancestors is one of the most powerful perspectives and techniques that are available to will workers in general, but especially when it comes to the Heathen path, for the blood is the life. How do we do this though, and what should we expect to come from this? In this class we will look at who the ancestors actually are, how to look at this work, and what to expect when it comes to results. Special emphasis will be placed on science and how this spirituality and science go hand in hand, and how to use them in tandem. Handouts will be provided.




Laeknishond-MP 2-3pm-
Rev. Bill Duvendack

Over the last 90 years, the Norse pantheon, tradition, and culture has been under severe attack by bigots and the ignorant. It has seen its deities, writings, and general concepts drug through the mud and the muck, yet it is still one of the most vibrant and alive traditions out there, with more and more people finding it and connecting with it with every passing year. However, it is still being perverted and abused to this day. In this ritual, we will be making a stand against the degradation that has been done to it, and will do our part as the community of SIDHE to help heal it. This is a group ritual for healing the egregore, and is intended to not only have a healing effect on the egregore, but also to illustrate that the Norse were as powerful healers as they were warriors. No handouts will be provided.


Playing With Fire- Marcus –BC- 11am-12pm Sunday

The Necessity of Loki in Modern Norse Worship

Loki.  Some modern pagans treat him like Christians treat the devil yet the trickster was and is a living,  breathing part of Norse mythology, both ancient and modern.  Come and we'll talk about his history,  his flaws,  and yes,  his merits.


Rune Workshop 101- 3:30-4:30 Saturday Marcus MP

Come join Marcus in a discussion on the history,  origins,  and use of the runes.  This is an interactive discussion so expect to be involved! 

Bardic Singing- Johnny MF-7pm
Throughout the centuries Songs have carried us through. Songs that praise, songs that honor, songs that rejoice or tell stories have written and retold history. Why is song important? Come Join in. It does not matter how you sound, it only matters your intent and having fun.

Saturday Games and trials  Main Field 1-:5:30PM

Saturday Games and Competitions!!! 
Axe Throwing (Bring your AXE)
hnefatafl with human pieces
Village Looting
Warrior Shrine! 
Viking in the haystack (kids event)
skillet toss (Kids event)
Wood chopping comp (Bring your AXE)
Log carving comp (Being your tools)
Log Toss 


Contest Judging Saturday 9pm MF
Garb Contest Catagories (Best Dressed God or Goddess: Best Authentic: Best warrior: Best War Paint)

BEST MEAD MAKER Contest (bring your home brew and enter in the contest and see if you will win

TAC Mead Maker of the year!


TAC’s Largest Sumbel Ever! 10pm MF

Join Us Saturday night at the mainfire for The Asatru Community’s Biggest Sumbel in History

With only three rounds offered by the Valkyries themselves,


Our annual community meal is a pitch-in feast that honors the land, the Ancestors, and the Gods.Bring something to share. Monetary donations are also welcome to shore up any defecits in case folks forgot. Not sure what to bring?

If you have food allergies, be sure to bring something you know is safe for you. If you bring something that needs to be warm, please bring a hot plate, crock pot, or other warming tray. (We have electricity! For crock pots) We also encourage bringing a washable plate, cup, bowl, and utensils to cut down on paper waste. We’ll have washing stations set up. List is by first name initial is what to bring

   C - Entree

   M- Vegetable


B- Pasta

   - Bread

- Salad

   - Beverage

   - Dessert

   - Appetizer/finger food

    - Soup/Dip

A- Napkins/plastic utensils

L- Paper bowls/plates



Johnny Angel Gieneart is a part of Wolves Wod Kindred based in Evansville Indiana. Johnny has been singing since the age of 4 and writing music/songs since the age of 12. Having a wide variety of musical backgrounds and training in various musical fields (classical, opera, blues, rock, country, jazz, folk and metal). He is the current skald/songwriter for his kindred and enjoys writing in a northern European/Irish tradition to honor his heritage. He plays a variety of instruments (melody and percussion). Also presented his workshop over traditional Celtic/Norse song and the 2017 SIDHE.. Let the Gods and Goddesses carry our voices and may the ancestors hear our songs!


Ivy Mulligan


I have been a practicing Heathen and Priestess since the early 1980’s; and I have had the honor of meeting, knowing and working with some of the early pioneers~ not only in the Goddess Movement, but also in the US Heathen reconstructionist faith.

The resurgence in the past 10 years of folks being called to the path of our Asatru faith has brought to the forefront a need for a merging of modern pagan techniques and crafting, with the staunch Reconstructionist traditions. There is a collective drive to implement our sacred Lore and the wisdom of our ancestors with the effectual Spá practices of today.

I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, the remote high peaks region of northern New York. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, herbalist, Reiki Master, Crystal therapist and certified Life Coach. I work with NOLS and teach outdoor survival, as well as advanced first aid. I have participated as a leader, healer and Priestess in the pagan community since 1995. 

Walking the path of a Northern Shaman, I became initiated as a Seið-practitioner, then becoming a ordained Gythia and a member of both the Troth in 1998, and then The Asatru Community last year. I have written a couple of books, and somehow, I got the privilege of helping to create the Clergy Training Program for TAC. After a time, I was then asked to be Director of Religious Affairs, which I adore. Myself and my long time spiritual Sister run the 21st Century Heathen and the Germanic/Teutonic Center for Cultural Arts web sites which promotes the memory, use, and re-constructing practices of our Ancestors way of living –transposed on a modern high-tech world; thereby ensuring the continuing evolution, of our cultural heritage arts.

 My lifestyle of living close to the natural world as well as my dedication to the Earth Spiritualism lead me to become an active Heathen steward in the protection and furtherance of our planet and its future. I am a landscaper, master gardener and plant whisperer. Currently myself, my husband, and our dog Basil, live in western Washington.






Marc has been involved in the occult for most of his life His origins begin in Norse magic and runic work. Marc now regularly teaches rune classes in the summer and has gone on to explore some of the runes deeper mysteries. As a Lovecraftian Luciferian, Marc tends the black flame of knowledge, searching for personal gnosis, and seeks to fan that flame in others. Marc enjoys intense rituals




Rev Bill Duvendack

Rev Bill Duvendack is an ordained independent Spiritualist minister who is an internationally known psychic, presenter, and author. He has presented in many venues, ranging from colleges and high schools to hotels and national conferences. His first full book “Vocal Magick” came out in April 2015, and has had a dozen essays published in a variety of anthologies. His magical writings have been translated into 6 different languages. He regularly teaches classes on magick, astrology, and modern spirituality locally and via webinars. He has been interviewed by the NY Times, RTE 1, and has made many TV appearances. For more information about him, please consult his website:

Tonya Threet

Internationally recognized Nordic/American, musician and songstress. Member of the Pagan International music association. Gythia of Kvasir's Hearth Kindred of Fort Wayne. Völva studies, offers rune readings and teaches rune classes at several new age shops in Indiana. She also facilitates chanting workshops. Tonya has produced a masterpiece with her debut album Völuspá, she sings the Völuspá in its entirety, enabling you to hear the Lore as you've never heard it before. The spirit of the ancient seeress in the 21st century. Tonya will be present with Troy Wisehart with her cd's for purchase and to sign for you, she looks very forward to meeting and talking with you and forming new kinship!

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