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Going back to the roots of "The Gods", it is time to learn about a

deity to which most people know little, or nothing about. In my

experience at least, of course there are some of you that will probably know everything I say today, and more. In that case, comment below what you know so we can all learn more! This is going to be a short post! Forseti is the son of the shining god Baldur, and his wife Nanna. Forseti is the god of justice, and order. All legal disputes in Asgard, and who knows

maybe some really bad mortal cases...are settled in his court room.

"According to Snorri Sturluson in the Prose Edda,[5] Forseti is the son of Baldr 

and Nanna. His home is Glitnir, its name, meaning "shining," referring to its silver

ceiling and golden pillars, which radiated light that could be seen from a great

distance. His is the best of courts; all those who come before him leave reconciled.

This suggests skill inmediation and is in contrast to his fellow god Týr, who

"is not called a reconciler of men."[6] However, as de Vries points out, the only

basis for associating Forseti with justice seems to have been his name; there is

no corroborating evidence in Norse mythology.[7] 'Puts to sleep all suits' or 'stills

all strifes' may have been a late addition to the strophe Snorri cites, from which

he derives the information.[8] The first element in the name Forsetlund (Old Norse Forsetalundr), a farm in the parish of Onsøy ('Odins island'), in eastern Norway, seems to be the genitive case of Forseti, offering evidence he was worshipped there.[8][9]" (1) 



If you are having legal disputes, or something of the like, making offerings to Forseti may be beneficial. However, do not take my meaning wrong. If you are guilty, you are guilty and Forseti will know that, howver, if you need legal guidance, or help getting the truth out there, things like that, then Forseti can help you. Then again, he may not even notice our petty mortal cases, but that is where an offering would help the most. 



The legal systems of men can be so strewn with error, so offering to the god of justice and order may get him to notice, and help you in your case. Another good example on why you may want to make an offering to Forseti is the following. A few days ago my house was broken into, and my parents gold/jewlery etc. was all stolen. So, I am going to make an offering to Forseti (I just thought of doing this as I write this post) in the hopes that the theif will get his due, and justice will be served. See where Forseti can help you?"


In Norse mythology, Forseti is the god of justice. He is the son of the god Balder and his mother is Nanna. Forseti rules in the beautiful palace Glitnir with its pillars of red gold and its roof with inlaid silver, which serves as a court of justice and where all legal disputes are settled. See Myth 12 The Lay of Grimnir.


Although Forseti is one of the twelve leading gods, he is not featured significantly in any of the surviving myths. Forseti can be compared with the Teutonic god Fosite, who was worshipped on Helgoland." (2) 


Well there is not too much to tell about Foresti, so I think that just about does it for this post. If you know more, please share with the community! Hail Foresti!


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