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Of the three tribes of gods, Jord is of the Jotun kind. Please remember that what exactly a god is, is debatable, and I will be referring to them as "The Holy Powers". Jord is a holy power. She is a Jotun  and the personification of the earth. She is mother earth. (In my opinion however, she is not Mother Nature, that is Nerthus. There is a big difference between mother nature and mother earth.) Besides being the mother of the earth, and or the earth itself, she is the mother of Thor, the Mighty Thunderer.

Jord is a Jotun, the daughter of the Jotun goddess Night, or Nott. She is a mistress of Odin, and the mother of the Thunderer, Thor. So in essence, Thor is the son of the Earth.



"In Norse mythology, Jörð (Icelandic "earth", pronounced [ˈjörð] or "yurd" and from Old Norse jǫrð, pronounced [ˈjɔrð], sometimes Anglicized as Jord or Jorth; also called Jarð, jɑrð as in Old East Norse), is a female jötunn. She is the mother of Thor and the personification of the Earth. Fjörgyn and Hlóðyn are considered to be other names for Jörð. Jörð is reckoned a goddess, like other jötnar who coupled with the gods.[1] Jörð's name appears in skaldic poetry both as a poetic term for the land and in kennings for Thor." (1) 



Whenever there is a holiday that honors nature and the earth, or when there is a time to honor the fertility of the earth, is a time to honor Jord. When we give thanks to Thor, one may wish to thank his mother, for without her, there would be no Thor.  Without Jord, without the earth we would have nothing. Yes it is Odin, Vili and Ve who bestowed life and thought upon us, but without the earth our lives would be very, very different if we had them at all! So remember  when you are walking outside, or taking a hike to remember Jord, and all that she has done, and does for us. 


Hail Jord! Hail the Earth! May she watch over us all, and bestow her blessings upon us! 






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