Northern Mist Kindred

Our kindred is diverse with many different ideologies on our faith. Though we have many different ideas and beliefs we are respectful of each other’s ideas. Our mission is to gain knowledge. We do this by creating a place where all interested can debate, share, and learn. We are located in Oakland County, which is in Southeastern Michigan.

Kenaz Kindred

(Eugene Oregon)

We believe in the respect and conservation of the earth.
We worship and follow the Pantheon of the Nordic Peoples and conform the wheel of the year to operate within said pantheon.

Everyone has the right to worship the Gods of the Norse regardless of Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, Gender, Sexual Orientation or any other identifying factor. We believe in the respect and equality of all people.
We believe in the 9 Noble Virtues as set out by the Odinic Rite.

We strive to create a GLBTQIA affirming safe place for all Nordic Pagans to come  to worship and learn together in the service of the Gods where everyone is accepted with open arms and a warm heart!

Northern Pines

Heathen Kindred

We are a Northern Ontario Asatruar Kindred. We believe in being self-sustaining, and self-preserving. We heavily believe in honouring, and keeping a strong bond with our ancestors and community. We believe in a strict honour code, being the 9 Noble Virtues, we strive to keep things honest, modest, and humble.

We celebrate the traditional Asatru Sacred Calender, and organize feasts, and celebrations as necessary. We follow the Asatru Pantheon of gods, (Tyr, Odin, Skadi, Freyr, etc) and indulge in their stories at celebration times, and during our daily lives.

Hammerstone Kindred


Hammerstone Kindred is a family friendly kindred dedicated to honoring the Aesir, the ancestors and the land vaettir. We meet weekly throughout the entire year, to study the lore and topics related to heathenry and lore, hold rituals to honor the Gods and goddesses, share hands-on skills and participate in local field trips to areas of interest.

Shieldwall Kindred


About Us

We are a small Asatru kindred based out of Utah, but we are rapidly expanding with each new member that joins. Most of the members are based in Ogden, Orem and many of the cities in between. Our goal is to continuously seek out new knowledge and share it with those that may not know about it yet. We're constantly growing with new information and we welcome those that bring new knowledge to the Kindred that we may not yet have. We desire people in our kindred who 

want to continuously learn and constantly desire new knowledge. If your well of knowledge feels dry and you need something to quench your thirst, then our Kindred is the place for you. All of our members strongly believe in the Aesir and Vanir and their influence they have on the people of Midgard. We don't believe that you need to be of Germanic or European descent to be Asatru and worship the Aesir. We can't stick the Gods and Goddesses into such a small, ignorant and racist mindset. That would be completely disrespectful to the Gods and Goddesses and to our ancestors who traveled all throughout the world. Our beliefs are one of the oldest and so we try to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We don't let other religions bring us down to their level and start childish fights over who's right and who's wrong.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to find like minded individuals that are willing to step out of their comfort zone and to consider others thoughts, without disregarding them immediately based off your own point of view. Our kindred is about loyalty and the pursuit of knowledge. We are an open book for anyone who desires to find out more about the Shield Wall, or what we believe. We would like for everyone who joins, to meet with new people. We want everyone to get along and find a common ground; to feel comfortable in the presence of each other. We are not racist and we do not tolerate anyone of a racist, sexist or prejudice view towards any other religious group or community.  We want to help anyone new to the Heathen community, gain the knowledge they seek while also pushing them to grow and become stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually within themselves. 

Northern Rune Kindred

        Herrin, Illinois

Northern Rune Kindred is a universalist kindred.  We will not discriminate based on age, race or sexual orientation. We believe that anyone of any background can be Heathen.  We will also not limit the growth of our members by excluding any one God/Goddess or house (Aesir/Vanir).  We will make every effort to live in accordance with the nine noble virtues. As well as expand our knowledge of Lore and of the Runes.  

Our structure will include a 
1.Chieftain: Ben Killman 
2. Gothi: Interim Ben Killman 
3. Skald: Shelly Mangrum 
4. Drighten: Shelly Mangrum 

The roll of rune master will be filled as members become more comfortable.

Oath Keepers Kindred

(Wisconsin, USA)

Oath Keepers Kindred was founded by three high school friends in 2015 and has small chapters over Wisconsin.

Wyrd Ways Kindred

(South Joran, Utah)

Primarily family based kindred, led by Nora Grand-Pre, with all full members contributing. Open to others that ask permission to attend gatherings. Aesir/Vanir worship, with a strong emphasis on learning.

Hellirinn Ulfar Kindred

(Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela)

A Family and Tribal oriented Kindred

Ulfr a Aesir Kindred

(Missouri, USA)

We are a kindred with a strong military theme. We are not for everyone though. We practice a version of Asatru that not everyone should/can practice, believing in a mix of the old ways and customs, new ways and being very orthodox in our views. We accept people no matter what race, color, orientation, gender, etc., they are; believing instead that a person must prove their worth over their birth. We accept members from our area but allow for "members at large" if they meet the criteria.

Hrafn & Ulfr Kindred

(Topeka, Kansas)

We are a group of people from many different pagan paths. Some are new to Asatru, some have practiced for many years. Some of us came to Heathenry from Witchcraft, Native American, or Druidic paths. We learn and teach each other. Our membership is comprised of TAC charter members and non members, families (kid friendly), and are currently at 13 members. We offer open blot observances as often as we can (about every other month if everyone can make it), with potluck dinners after the rituals. Regular meetings are held at least once every other month between blots. We hope to have blacksmith, mead making, fiber weaving, and other demonstrations for our members 

coming soon. We have members from Atchison, Joplin, KCKS, and Wichita that join us frequently. If you are within driving distance to Topeka, and would like to join us sometime, please email us at we would love to have you visit. Kindred Chieftain and Gyðja; Sage Nelson

Apply now to be a TAC Kindred!

Conspiracy of Ravens

    (Michigan, USA)

We are a kindred that embodies community. We are dedicated to honoring the ways the gods and our ancestors lived in a way that was harmonious with each other and the earth. We seek to learn from the wisdom and knowledge passed to us. We are a welcoming kindred and seek fellowship with all who would honor the gods, the ancestors, and the kindred.  

Hoddmimis holt Kindred

North Carolina, USA

In Norse mythology, Hoddmímis holt is a location where Líf and Lífþrasir are foretold to survive the Fimbulvetr (3 years of winter). Hoddmímis holt is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. Scholarly theories have been proposed about the location and its potential connection to the world tree Yggdrasil and folktales recorded from Germanic Europe.

In the poem Vafþrúðnismál, collected in the Poetic Edda, Odin poses a question to the jötunn Vafþrúðnir, asking who among mankind will survive when the winter Fimbulvetr occurs. Vafþrúðnir responds that they will be Líf and Lífþrasir, that the two will have hidden in the wood of Hoddmímis holt, they will consume the morning dew as food, and "from them generations will spring."

In the Prose Edda, chapter 53, book Gylfaginning, High (Odin) tells Gangleri (king Gylfi in disguise) that two people, Líf and Lífþrasir, will lie hid in Hoddmímis holt during "Surt's fire," and that "from these people there will be descended such a great progeny that the world will be inhabited."

The goal of Hoddmímis holt Kindred is to offer a safe and friendly atmosphere to study and learn the Ásatrú faith. To offer the community in which we live a solid source of information regarding Asatru and our beliefs.

Holy Hills Heathen Kindred

(Elberta, Michigan)

Holy Hills Heathen Kindred is a Modern Reconstruction of the Pre-Christian Spirituality of the Germanic Tribal Peoples. We Worship the gods and goddesses as well as our ancestors and the Wights of Land and Sea. We do Blot at seasonal changes as well as Sumble. We are open to all Heathens.

Kindred of the Wolf and the Stag

   (Warren, Ohio)

KWS Logo.jpg

Kindred of the Wolf and Stag is an all-inclusive spiritual group based out of Northeast Ohio. We follow the Old Gods in a way that emphasizes family, integrity, and community. All are welcome. We will not tolerate racism, bigotry, or xenophobia. Proudly associated with Declaration 127 and The Asatru Community Shield Wall.

Gothi and Priestess are first among equals, facilitating blots and rituals in honor of the Old Norse Gods. We follow the Nine Noble Virtues.



Læraðr Blotslag a small, close-knit kindred due to our remote location in the Arctic Circle of Norway. We are based on the island of Bjarkøy, an old Viking territory which was a chieftain seat during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. The most famous chieftain was of course Tore Hund (Thorir the Hound), who killed Norway's Patron Saint, Olav the Fat Oath-Breaker, in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030. We practice an open-minded, inclusive kind of Heathenry, emphasizing a deep connection to the land spirits and to our ancestors as well as to the Gods. We are also very proud of the fact that our members come from various diverse backgrounds, so we are naturally tolerant of all faiths and ethnicities.

   Wolf Hearth

Lamar, Missouri

A Kindred that believes anyone can call upon the gods and ancestors. We focus mainly on rebuilding the lost lore and trying to bring the ancient ways into the modern nights. We attempt to shed dogma in exchange for a fresh and modern view on the world that we live in now. Not all of us are strictly Asatru, but all of us venerate the Scandinavian Gods.

     Urðarbrunnr Kindred

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Our kindred is founded in response to both a growing heathen community in the states, as well as the mutual sincere & geektastic affection the founders have for viking culture. In regards to serving the regional community it is our hope to provide workshops & instruction on lore & faith as well as facilitating ceremony. 

As the president and my co founder, I am accepting the main leadership role of this kindred. My basic beliefs are deeply rooted in Scandinavian traditions and the Nordic folkways. As much as can be learned about the gods from the sources remaining I try to find and stay to the noble virtues, common sense, and an inclusive welcoming way to anyone who wants to learn about Asatru. My main roles would be in facilitating and instructing on the ways of combat / self-defense, survival, codes of honor and respect, common advice and counseling, etc. 

My co-founder, Ana Prillaman, will fill the role of the main spiritual leader and teacher within the kindred she is on a path to study the Volva / Noaidi traditions in the hopes of preserving knowledge and enriching the spirits of all she is able to serve. Here too, she will be set as a source of counsel and teachings of natural medicines, potions, prayer, runes, etc. 

Specifically as to structure: the kindred is quite small in numbers at the moment, but we happy few are glad to establish something official. We are willing to adapt to change as we grow, and hopefully in time find new kindred members to help us expand our ambitions.

Alfodr Troth Kindred

     Deltona, Florida

Alfodr Troth Kindred is a Heathen, Asatru fellowship located in the Central Fl area. Our goal is to study, learn, and practice the ways of the Northern Scandinavian pre-Christian faiths and traditions.

Alfodr Troth Kindred Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Alfodr Troth Kindred is to provide a close knit community or extended family setting to its members within Asatru, a polytheistic religion. We will facilitate the further education of our members by providing resources such as articles, books, classes, blog or post sites and open discussion. Our goal is to provide our members with the ability to meet, worship with one another and practice the various aspects of our religion in a friendly environment. We, within the kindred, share an outstanding personal desire to be in this group, a loyalty to the group in part and as a whole and a very dedicated relationship with the Gods and Goddesses of the Aesir (inclusive of both tribes), our ancestors and the spirits of the earth the landvaettir. 

The Alfodr Troth Kindred is a Universal Kindred! We do not discriminate against Race, Color, or sexual orientation! 

We are family friendly and DO NOT support Neo-Nazi, White supremacist or any other hate group or idea! 

Asatru Group of Southern Nevada

              Las Vegas, Nevada

Our kindred is small, with three members of 06/03/2018. Rebecca Zobell and I started it because there is no TAC affiliated Kindred out here in Las Vegas. So we decided to start our own. We are the founders and Head Members. Our goal is to make a safe place for Asatruar to congregate and non-Asatru to learn about Asatru if they wish to. We're also Universalist, so any one can join us no matter where they come from or what they once or still believe in.

Kindred of the Raven Gods

     Poplar Bluff, Missouri

The Kindred of the Raven Gods is a kindred located in Southeast Missouri. We are welcoming to all and abide by declaration 127. Before we were a kindred we were a trio. We followed the norse path in our small community and have been practicing together for approximately 8 months. We treat each other as equals, as we would treat another who walks our path. For anyone new we offer advice and learning, but we also offer respect for those as we would want it. We are against racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, etc. (Our two founders are a bisexual women and a bisexual nonbinary person.) We started this Kindred with hopes to spread our wings and meet others both local to our area and not, for learning and friendship.

South Alabama Asatru Folk Kindred

Alabama, USA

   South Alabama Asatru Folk Kindred, located in Southern Alabama, is a Kindred that is devoted to the Asatru ways and follow the patron Norse Gods. We honor the Holy Powers in everything we do and in our daily lives. We perform Blots for every major pagan holiday and special events such as child births and weddings.


We are fairly new and are slowly growing. We are an all inclusive kindred and accepting of all followers of the Asatru faith. We do not tolerate any type of hate or bigotry from anyone in any form. We try to foster that family, true Kindred feeling. We are proud supporters of Declaration 127 and Shieldwall. We welcome members from all over Alabama. We also have expanded to support and grow Asatru within the whole state by running the Alabama Asatru Folk Kindred Facebook group as well.

Kindred Name

Oregon Coast

Hailing from the Oregon Coast, two happy heathens decided to create a kindred that teaches consequences of action, heathenry for today, the lost arts of the Viking-era (cooking period dishes, blacksmithing, clothing, crafts, mead crafting and weapon use), magick, and community. This particular kindred is not afraid of experimentation with the unknown and works with adults only to create a safe and welcoming environment to all. We are LGBTQ friendly, and welcome those interested to apply to join!

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