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The Tribunal 

President Topher.jpg

Topher Henry


Hail to the Charter Members of the Asatru Community!

As I begin a new journey with our community as the President of TAC, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself to anyone I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with since joining the TAC.

I'm Topher W. Henry, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I'm a veteran of the USMC. I've been a practicing pagan/heathen since 1985 and a member of TAC since 2015. I have a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, and I currently work as a Data Analyst for a grocery broker in Cincinnati. I'm married to my lovely Witchy Wifey Liz, who's also a charter member. I have a 16-year-old daughter who's currently attending a school of the arts for theater and who tolerates all the “weird” stuff Dad does.

I'm proud to say I'm the first graduate of the TAC Clergy Program, and I'm excited for the opportunity to lead that fine program and help new clergy members learn the Old Ways. I have over 2 years’ experience as an ambassador for TAC and was the director of the program for more than a year.

As the President of TAC, my goals and vision can be best described with one word that means a great deal to me…FRITH. I'll build frith within our community, and outside of our community as well. I'll be extending offers of frith to other heathen and pagan groups; whether creating a new relationship or rebuilding one, I'll do what's necessary to create positive working relationships with all who are willing to take a seat next to me by the fire. 

I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community as the President of TAC, and I don't take that responsibility lightly. I have an open-door policy, so if you need to speak to me about anything TAC-related or otherwise, please feel free to reach out. Together we'll make the Asatru Community the largest and best heathen community in the world!

Our gods are bigger than our differences!

In Frith,

Topher W. Henry
President of The Asatru Community


Dennis Oglesby

Vice President

Hello, my name is Dennis “Jorvik” Oglesby. I'm a husband, father and grandfather.

I'm a Veteran of the US Army Special Forces, serving my regiment in a variety of specialties before finally retiring in 2012 as Special Forces Warrant (CW4). During my career starting in 1984, I had combat tours in Somalia and Iraq twice. Additionally, I served multiple tours in Europe (Yugoslavia), Africa, and the Middle East. My military time also lead me several times to Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. I always enjoyed the culture and felt a special kinship to the people there. Later, I'd find out through DNA testing that this was where my ancestors came from, and led to my deeper exploration of the Norse gods and religion in school, eventually leading me to Asatru.

My goal is to help to grow our community into a close-knit family. I want to help provide a safe and friendly community in which this is possible. Additionally, to help each of you find your potential within Asatru and the calling we all hear, regardless if it's personal or giving back to the community. I'm here to help. I'm always searching for better ways to reach just a portion of TAC here in the SSE, and sometimes I reach out to Ambassadors in other states I visit and grow my network. As heathens, we have to make efforts to come out of our shells and meet others. Our community will only be as strong as we make it, and together we can make it succeed.

I'm deeply honored to have this opportunity to serve all of you in TAC.



Hyde Addams
Board Chairman

Hail to the community.


My name is Hyde Addams and it’s a pleasure to serve the community as the Chairman of the Board. My pronouns are he/him.


I was born in Sydney, Australia but moved to the USA when I was 7. I spent 10 years there, with most of my time being in Florida. I moved back to Australia but I moved to Perth, when I was 17 and have been here since. I grew up in a household that didn’t really hold any faith or religion close, my mother follows the Buddhist philosophy but it was never anything she taught me. I was allowed to explore and find what worked for me. I worked my way through the mainstream religions as I lived in a very religious area, but these didn’t work for me. I worked my way through many different faiths as well and while many of them are great I never found a place that found right for me. I was introduced to Asatru as a faith 2011, I think, and have followed it faithfully since. I have found my home within Asatru and will do my best to serve and continue to learn as much as I can.


I have been a charter member for quite a few years now and started serving the community as an ambassador a few years ago. I was an ambassador and the lead ambassador for the Australian region and enjoyed being able to serve my community. I ended up being nominated and then elected as Director of the Ambassador Program. I did my best to serve the community within this role and did my best to strengthen and expand the Ambassador Program, as I’m sure every Director before and to come will continue to do.


While my position on the Board has changed I still want to let everyone know that I am available to reach out to if you need me.

The Board of Directors


Seth Chagi



Board Member 

Hail and Hello!


My name is Seth Chagi, and I'm a 25-year-old from Southern California. I'm the founder of The Asatru Community and World of Paleoanthropology. I'm currently a student pursuing my PHD in Biological Anthropology while maintaining my status as the founder of TAC.


I came to Asatru when I was 12 years old, and have never looked back. My parents tried to force me into Judaism, but it was just not working, and I was miserable until I found my own path, which began when I was 11.


It's been a long, hard, and utterly glorious journey ever since. I wouldn't change a thing.


Odin is my patron, and he and I have a very close relationship, and have since before I was born; I just hadn't realized it. I honor the Aesir and the Vanir, as well as all spirits, in an equal manner, and see the sanctity of all life and the blessings of the divine.


While there is of course just oh-so-much more, I believe it's best to learn about a person with said person, so I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!




Jeddar Felix

High Drighten

Hello!  My name is Patrick Golden, commonly known as Jeddar Felix online.  I'm the recently chosen High Drighten.  In such, I'm the voice of all of you to the TAC leadership, and this is a position I'm taking great pride in!  If anyone feels they need a voice to the leadership, I'm your voice!


I was learning of heathenry from my grandmother until she was called to Helheim.  From there, I've been active in Heathenry for almost 2 years now, and have climbed up through the Ambassadors program as well as the Gothi training program.  Please never hesitate to reach out to me at  I look forward to helping everyone.

John's Beard Uniform.jpg

John W. Snow III

Director of Religious Affairs

John is a Culinary Specialist First Class in the United States Navy. He was brought up in a very religious household within the Church of Christ denomination, but began to question doctrine very early on. In 2006, he officially dedicated himself to the Old Ways and tried to gain as much knowledge of the history and modern interpretations of Paganism and Pagan society. In 2010, John joined the Navy to originally be a CTI (linguist). In 2012, he became an Interfaith Minister and (later that year) began to study the more Nordic branches of Paganism alongside his Roman studies. In 2018, John first joined the Troth and in early 2019, John joined The Asatru Community.


He has gone through the TAC’s Clergy Training Program to earn his Goði certification, and he is a TAC Military Ambassador.


John is currently stationed in Everett, WA with his husband and son.

Jeremy DoAP.jpg

Jeremy Onishea

Director of the Ambassador Program 

Hail to the members of The Asatru Community! My name Is Jeremy Onishea Sr. I found The Asatru Community Inc while researching inclusive heathenry learning groups online in early 2020. After reading the description and looking around the website it seemed like the place for me, so I became a member. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Within TAC I  have found more than just some “assembly” of people. I found a family and a community where all our members strive to help and lift each other up whenever possible. I haven’t ever really had a place I felt I “belong” until now. I completed ambassador training in October 2020 and became A lead ambassador in November then World Wandering Lead in Late December 2020. I am also the chairmen of the Partner business Program, as well as owner and operator of an Asgardian Partner Business with my son. I am an empath who has a passion for mental health, Fishing, and just about anything outdoors.

 I love learning as well as helping others in any way I can. The Ambassador Program has given me an opportunity to help guide others on their learning path as well as progress my own search for wisdom.

I Have a goal of expanding the reach of the Ambassadors to interact with everyone on AND off of Facebook, via many methods such as hosting live videos and chats through Microsoft teams where anyone can join in without an account or Facebook. Another goal for me, is to have at least one ambassador in every state and territory of all regions of TAC internationally and within the USA. I also wish to include members of the international regions via inviting them to join any online events we as Ambassadors host. we are a WORLDWIDE commUNITY and family, the members outside of the USA matter just as much as the USA members and I will do everything in my power to ensure they feel more included and welcome!

 I look forward to further assisting the amazing ambassadors and members of The Asatru Community as Director of the Ambassador Program. If anyone has need of me I am ALWAYS available to help!

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Sanford Kauffman

 Director of
Public Relations

Hail Members of the Asatru Community!


My name is Sanford Kauffman and I live in the beautiful Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. I was born here and raised in a Mennonite home. We moved to Iowa when I was 7 and I lived there just South of Iowa City til I was 7. It was there that I first felt the call of the Old Gods from a book series from our church library though I had no idea what it was. I went to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at 17 cause I was getting into trouble and then joined the military and got sent all over. During this time I began Courses in Bible college and later seminary. During my last year in seminary I became disenchanted with Christianity and, due to a course on world religions, began to study other alternatives. The Norse pantheon kept coming back so I looked into it. Over the next couple years I researched and ran into an AFA member in Tennessee after I ETS’d from the Army. I didn’t like those guys at all and began to despair of finding community. Then I stumbled upon TAC. I liked what I saw and became a charter member and about a year later, an ambassador in the Northern Central Region. Nearly a year after that I became Lead and have held that position for the last 11 months.

I am honored to be given the privilege to serve the Members of The Asatru Community. I will do my utmost to ensure that information is expeditiously distributed throughout the organization and that the intent of The Asatru Community is represented to all who come in contact. One of my main desires is to see a direct positive impact on communities where TAC has a presence. To see TAC working with other charitable organizations to aid in the physical and spiritual welfare of the communities where our members reside. I desire people to look to TAC as a model for right action and inclusivity. I will hold an open door policy where any can approach me with concerns about anything involved in my area. If it’s without my jurisdiction, I will point you in the right direction.

In Frith. Sanford Kauffman.

Dave Nix.jpg

David Nix

Director of Military Affairs

Hail to the Community, my name is David Nix. I am Active duty U.S. Army having joined in 2005. I am A father to one beautiful daughter and handsome little boy. I was raised in a Christian home, but never felt like it was me. When I was in high school, I discovered the New age section in the local book store and started on the adventure that was Runes and Wicca/ Pagan. I felt more at home, but still didn’t feel quite right.


I still have my first set of runes from the early 2002. I joined the Army in 2005 and deployed to Iraq in 2006. As anyone who as every been to war can tell you, it changes you. I tried to be normal during that time and gave being a Catholic a try. Needless to say, that wasn’t for me.


After this I started back down the road of learning and started on the road I would later learn as Asatru. I continued down this road quietly and kept to myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety due to work and kept to myself. After getting tired of being miserable, I decided to put my family and my faith first. I requested a religious accommodation and needless to say this put me on a highway for the Community not just a path. Shortly following this decision, I encountered other practitioners who, like me, felt like Fort Bragg needed an Asatru community that was in accordance with Army EO policies; because no one likes meeting a group only to learn that they are racist or sexist. We have been on an amazing journey since then meeting weekly since 2018.


I hope to bring that knowledge and experience back to TAC and help grow our community.

I look forward to serving the community as the Director of Military Affairs and Military Ambassador.