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Military Ambassadors

Dave Nix.jpg

David Nix
Director of Military Affairs 

Hope Mills, NC.
United States

Hello all, my name is David Nix. I am Active duty U.S. Army E-7 with 13 and a half years of service as of April of 2019. I am a husband of 11 years and father to one beautiful daughter and handsome little boy. I was raised in a Christian home, but never felt like it was me. When I was in high school, I discovered the New Age section in the local book store and started on the adventure that was Runes and Wicca/Pagan. I felt more at home, but still didn’t feel quite right. 
I still have my first set of runes from the early 2002. I joined the Army in 2005 and deployed to Iraq in 2006. As anyone who has ever been to war can tell you, it changes you. I tried to be normal during that time and gave being a Catholic a try. Needless to say, that wasn’t for me.
After this, I started back down the road of learning and started on the road I would later learn as Asatru. I continued down this road quietly and kept to myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety due to work and family. After getting tired of being miserable, I decided to put my family and my faith first. I requested a religious accommodation and needless to say this put me on a highway for the Community, not just a path. Shortly following this decision, I encountered other practitioners who, like me, felt like Fort Bragg needed an Asatru community that was in accordance with Army EO policies; because no one likes meeting a group only to learn that they are racist or sexist. We have been on an amazing journey since then.       
I look forward to serving the community as the Lead Military Ambassador. 

Levi Simmons.png

Levi Simmons

Yokosuka, Japan

Hail! I am Levi Simmons, I’m coming up on my 9th year of active service as a Hospital Corpsman Second Class (E5) in the US Navy. I am currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan and have been in Japan for 6 Years now, I have served on a ship, hospitals and with the Marines. I, like many here, grew up in a Christian home. I never felt quite right whenever we went to church and it didn’t seem like the path I was meant to follow. About 10 years ago I had a pull to the Norse gods, but I, at the time, didn’t think of following them in a spiritual way. It took many years of learning and finally finding groups of people with the same mindset that I was able to call myself a heathen. I aim to educate, encourage and inspire other heathens and pagans who are interested in the path but do not know where to start. I look forward to serving with the community and assisting where I can.


Benjamin Brinkmeyer
Kingsville, MO.

Hail all!

I have been practicing Asatru for just over three years now, starting with TAC almost immediately. One of our Study Havamals was the first books I ever had on Asatru and I still read it when I seek wisdom. I am a Military Police Officer in the Army National Guard, where I try my best to assist my fellow Soldiers in following the old gods. I look forward to helping you all and learning more as I continue to grow in my faith.

Hail the Gods and the Community

20200610_071002 (2).jpg

Joey Wilburn


Hail all, I am Joey Wilburn, an active-duty service member in the U.S. Air Force. I have been a practicing Norse Heathen for two years and am currently the Distinctive Religious Group Lay Leader for Heathenry, Asatru, and Odinism for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

John's Beard Uniform.jpg

John Snow III
Director of Religious Affairs

Washington, United States

“John is a Culinary Specialist First Class in the United States Navy. He was brought up in a very religious household within the Church of Christ denomination, but began to question doctrine very early on. In 2006, he officially dedicated himself to the Old Ways and tried to gain as much knowledge of the history and modern interpretations of Paganism and Pagan society. In 2010, John joined the Navy to originally be a CTI (linguist). In 2012, he became an Interfaith Minister and (later that year) began to study the more Nordic branches of Paganism alongside his Roman studies. In 2018, John first joined the Troth and in early 2019, John joined The Asatru Community.


He has gone through the TAC’s Clergy Training Program to earn his Goði certification, and he is a TAC Military Ambassador.


John is currently stationed in Everett, WA with his husband and son.”


Bruce Kingery
Chula Vista, CA.

Hello, I am Bruce Kingery. I am currently in my 6th year of Active Duty Navy as an Information Systems Technician (IT). I am E-5 so I will also respond to IT2. I am currently stationed in San Diego, CA with my amazing wife Gabriella (Also Active duty E-5) and my two loving sons Ares(3) and Apollo(1M). I grew up in a pretty religion-neutral house in Southern Indiana. So growing up nothing was ever forced on me. It wasn't until I was roughly 17 when I found the Gods, and have been a follower since. Besides that, I'm just your basic nerd Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, etc. I'm into it all. I look forward to my role as an ambassador and hope I do a good job.


Jeffrey Arnold

Kittery, Maine.

Hail All!
My Name is Jeff. "It's Heffa" I am a Corpsman in the United States Navy and have been for almost 13 years. I am happily married for 12.5 years and have a beautiful daughter.
I like so many others grew up in a Christian household, however I didn't find that relationship with the Christian God that I so desperately desired. After about 3 years in the military I came across some Wiccans, introduced to me by my wife. They invited me to one of their rituals. As soon as i crossed that threshold and entered that circle i had never felt so at home. Being Pagan/Wiccan sufficed for a few years but over time something just didn't fit.
Finally in 2018 when I participated in a Nato operation where i got to conduct ground operations in Norway and Iceland. Going to Iceland and Norway i instantly felt a connection to the Norse Gods and nothing could have been clearer. I have followed them since then.
I am honored to have this oprotunity to become an Ambassador. I hope to help serve the community in the future.

David Bouse

David Bouse
Reno, NV.

I have been practicing heathenry for the past 2 years and joined TAC in May of 2020.  I am a husband to my witchy wife Amanda and my two daughters who are both teenagers.  I am active in the Army National Guard and I have been for almost 23 years.  I live in Reno, NV because the Military moved us up here from Las Vegas 4 years ago, but we love it here.

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