Military Ambassadors


We are happy and proud to introduce a new extension to our Ambassador Program! This small exstension of the AP is designed for Active Duty servicemen and women, to help them, in any way that we can, and conent them to the larger Heahten community, wherever they are, as much as possible. Follow the links below to learn more. 

Military Ambassador List 

Here you can find all of our Active Military Ambassadors, as well as thier contact information. 

Military Ambassador Req

Want to become a TAC Military Ambassador? Make sure you meet the requirements before applying. 

TAC Military Outreach

TAC is always impriving and developing our military outreach program, from penpals, to care packages, learn how we can help you, and how you can help the community.

TAC AP Central 

We have an exstesive network of Ambassadors all over the world, with more being added all the time. Learn more about the Ambassador Program, as well as how to contact your local ambassador here. 

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