Military and Veteran Outreach 


We at TAC are proud to support current Heathen military members, and veterans, and to supply aid and help in any way that we can. This new section of our website is dedicated to our Military Outreach Program. We are always working on trying to improve our program, below you can access, and learn more about the current services that we offer. 

PenPal Progam 
*On Hiatus*

Learn more about the Active Duty PenPal Program that we have, and either reguest a penpal if you are oversees, or sign up to be avialable for someone. Either way, click the photo to learn more. 

Funds Request Form

This form can be used to request fund for other related charities or causes etc.

Military & Veteran Outreach Facebook Group

Join us, as well as many other veteana, active duty, and related family in our military exclusive Facebook Group!  


MIlitary Ambassadors
Pocket Havamal Request Form
*Now Reopen!*

*This program is now open!*

The Asatru Community Havamal Distribution Program is a project by TAC, and funded by the community via donations. The goal is to send TAC Havamals to Active Duty Servicemen and Women, as well as Veterans. (Currently in select countries)


Do you have suggestions for our military outreach program, or ways in which you want to help? If you would like to get into contact with us about the Military Outreach Program for any reason, please feel free to, we would love to hear form you, and appriciate any help you may be able to offer! 


We are excited to announce this new section of the AP! Designed specifically for Active Duty servicemen and women. 

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