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Our Mission

The Asatru Community is dedicated to creating an inclusive community that celebrates the traditions and spirituality of the Norse people. We seek to cultivate a practice that honors the gods, goddesses, ancestors, and spirits of our tradition, while also fostering personal growth, creativity, and fellowship.  

We recognize that too often Asatru and Heathen organizations have excluded marginalized groups, and we are committed to changing that narrative by actively working towards a more equitable and welcoming community. We believe everyone has the right to practice their spirituality in a safe and welcoming environment, free from discrimination and prejudice.   

Our mission is to provide educational resources, workshops, and rituals that deepen our members' understanding and practice of Norse Paganism while also promoting inclusivity and social responsibility. We also seek to support and connect with other Heathen and Pagan communities, both locally and globally.  

The mission of The Asatru Community is to facilitate, strengthen, and grow an inclusive modern heathen faith.  We will bring together resources, gather tools, and offer support to individuals and communities, online and in person. 

Our Vision 

The Asatru Community aspires to be a hub for individuals and organizations who share inclusive values to practice modern Heathenry and Norse pagan faiths. We strive to offer education and resources while facilitating the building of frith-filled communities. 

Organizational Values 

Organizational values are the guiding principles that provide an organization with purpose and direction. When it came to identifying the characteristics that unite The Asatru Community, three values were quickly identified - Inclusivity, Education, and Community. 

Inclusivity – We are a community unified by Heathenry; we celebrate the spectrum of diversity and will not be divided by our differences. 

Education – We are learning together and creating resources to educate others about inclusive Asatru, within the community and beyond.  

Community – We strive to build strong and resilient communities that support each other in times of need, celebrate each other's successes, and work together.

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