Modern Heathenism


Asatru is a religion steeped in tradition, folk lore, and wisdom. It has survived, changed, and been reborn numerous times over the millennia. This has caused many different ideas on how to go about Norse Spirituality. 


There are many ways for someone in today's world to practice Asatru. Listed below are only a few ways in which a modern day pagan may choose to practice Asatru, and Norse Spiritualism. 


We do not claim to know every way in which a person can practice Asatru, nor all the methods and practices listed below, meant for everyone. It is important for one to find their own path, and way of doing things. 

The Standard Blot

One of the cornerstones of modern practice. In general terms, is a giving of gifts between humans and the divine, a ritual sacrafice. 


While there are no strict guidlines as to how an Asatruar should behave, certain ideas have been become widly popular. Such as the Nine Noble Virtues. 

The Runes

Learn About the "famous" runes of our Ancestors. 


Templates for some general modern day Heathen Rites. 

The Sumbel

Arguable equally important as the Blot. In basic terms, it is a ritual toast giving at a feast, or gathering. 

The Havamal

The word of the HIgh One. The Havamal is a collection of verses said to be from the mouth of Odin himself. 


The Afterlife 

So what happens when we die?

Blot Outlines

Guidlines, and templates for specific Blots, for holidays or other needs. 

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