Tanya Lee Rogers

Greetings! You might already know me as Boss Mama, from my Wordpress blogging. My grandmother Agnes hailed from Scotland and was a proud, though secretive Celt who never renounced the old ways, no matter how much the Christian community pressured her. "Why worship someone that allowed their child to be tortured, who would throw your soul into a lake of fire to burn for eternity?" she would ask.  "Better to worship the gods who love you."  I run a LARP business in Newfoundland with themes based on Odin's writings, but I wanted to do more to spread the word about the gods and goddesses that are there for us. Today we can all practice the ways of our ancestors without fear or harmful repercussions and we need to take advantage of that and reach out to our brethren.  I welcome you all as my new family.  Blessed be.

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