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Chavah Granovetter

Hi, I'm Chavah! I'm a wife and mother of two. I have a passion for connecting ones physical self with ones spiritual self. Knowing that everyone's path is different drew me to TAC. There is no right way to heathen (or any other faith) has become a family motto since joining TAC. We are an eclectic Jewish family and having the safety of shieldwall, while adding to that saftey for others, is a priority for us. We honor all of our gods and continue to grow spiritually. I intend to go through the CTP early next year.

Robert Pitts

I have been a follower of the old ways since 2012. I have studied the runes and myths extensively and been running blots and summbels for many years now. My faith has changed my life and made me a better person and now happily live in honor of the gods and goddesses and ancestors.

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