Northern States East

Chavah Granovetter

Hi, I'm Chavah! I'm a wife and mother of two. I have a passion for connecting ones physical self with ones spiritual self. Knowing that everyone's path is different drew me to TAC. There is no right way to heathen (or any other faith) has become a family motto since joining TAC. We are an eclectic Jewish family and having the safety of shieldwall, while adding to that saftey for others, is a priority for us. We honor all of our gods and continue to grow spiritually. I intend to go through the CTP early next year.

Asher Wingard

Boston, MA

Hail, Hello!

My name is Asher I am a transgender queer person of color. I have been a heathen since 2012 and I am glad to say I  have found a home at TAC! I am practiced with herbs and crystals as it pertains to magick. I can read tarot, runes, and am also handy with a pendulum.


I practice ritual privately in my home, to honor the gods of old. I want to give back to this community with service which is why I am going to be the newest ambassador of Northern States East.
Thank you for having me. I am excited to work with all of you

Jeremy J.C Onishea

Lead Ambassador

Binghamton, NY

Hail to the Gods and hail to the TAC community! My name is Jeremy Onishea Sr. I have been a heathen most of my life and have been studying the Asatru path specifically for nearly 6 years. I am a collector of information. I love learning as well as also teaching all that I have learned. I love working with my hands and teaching my son all of the skills my father passed on to me.  Being an empath, I am very good at understanding the minds of those around me.


I have a passion for mental health awareness and assistance. The main reason I joined TAC was the fact that we accept and help EVERYONE who wishes to learn about Asatru. I became an ambassador to help people learn our ways without fear of judgement or hate, as well as to learn and collect as much information as i can. My end goal is to complete the clergy training program. I am a firm supporter of Declaration 127.