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Christopher Walsh

Skal, My name is Christopher A Walsh. I am an 18 year serving member of the Canadian Military. I was raised in a Catholic household and lost faith in religion around the age of 12. I went without any faith for almost 30 years, researching any and all religions/faiths hoping to find what fit me. About 2 years ago, I found Norse Paganism, and started dipping my toes. 
As we all know, there is absolutely no way to dip your toes into this faith, you may start that way, but I found myself eating books, and mythologies faster than I could find them. I researched kindreds in my area, hoping for more information, and somehow found myself on the TAC website, so I applied.
I now lead a local Kindred here in Borden Ontario Canada, I run their ceremonies and webpage, and I try to be active, leading members, both in person and online toward their own personal paths.
I hope to learn as much as Odin will allow while I am helping others toward the path to the Gods.

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