Ryan Gautreau

Hail! Well met! Im Ryan Gautreau, im father of 4, two daughters and two sons. I have had a longing in my heart since as I could remember, being raised by a Catholic farther and a Christian mother I was pushed and pulled in different directions of beliefs but never truly felt connected or even interested in anything until I came across my heritage in Scotland that its roots dwells well in the old Norse ways. So I practiced Ásatrú in solidarity for 5 years finally getting out of hiding and finding The Ásatrú Community that have like minded people a wonderful community that I still continue to grow with the vast knowledge of everyone here! My ultimate goal in this region is help abolish the outside perception of people less fortunate to be educated properly without other influences on Pagan/Ásatrú, from a negative outlook to a positive one. To remove the fear of the Ásatrúars/Pagans, (Personally this is how i felt). Another big thing I believe in is helping out the community and volunteering. I'm an open book you can contact me at anytime I will be there to answer any question to the best of my knowledge and if I don't know I will find it out.

Michelle Jones-McGill
Owen Sound

Hello everyone!
My name is Michelle and I've been a TAC member since spring 2019.
Currently, I'm from the beautiful Bruce Peninsula (Owen Sound) in Ontario, Canada.

I've always had a strong pull towards Heathenry and have studied it for years - it's always been able to hold my interest.
My parents were both raised Catholic, but allowed me to seek out my own path for which I am very grateful, as I know not everyone has that choice.
It's been quite the adventure, but it feels right following this path - it's almost inexplicable.
Even before I knew about religions, I always felt the pull of the wyrd - now I just know what it's called.

I hope to get to know you all better, and be able to represent TAC in my local community!

If you have any questions, I'll always do my best to answer them or find the answers, don't be shy!

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