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Michael Gatenby
Lead Ambassador
Ottawa, Ontario.

Ottawa man, born and raised. I love Anime, Dungeons & Dragons, Video Games, and getting together with large groups of people. I believe in having a firm grip on reality, just as much as I believe in nurturing yourself Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. That is what brought me to the Asatru faith, and what I hope to teach others.

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Adam "AJ" Theal
Military Ambassador
Smith Falls, Ontario.

My name is AJ, I'm originally from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada. I joined the Army in 2005 and moved out West to Alberta in 2006. I left the Army in 2013 and went back to school getting my Welding Journeyman while also working as a paid on call Fire Fighter. I re-joined the Army in 2017 and moved out to Ontario at the End of 2018.

Started studying Asatru while out of the Army in 2016 and joined TAC at the end of 2018. I became interested in the Ambassador towards the end of last year as a way to learn and give back to the community.

Looking forward to meeting new people and continuing my studies.

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