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Ordination through The Asatru Community


As a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, a church, we are able to officially and legally ordain individuals within the United States, (Rules in other countries will vary), that is generally accepted in most states. (A few extra steps may be required). 


We do not take providing this ability, this responsibility lightly, and we are determined to provide the community with trained, well educated, responsible clergymen and women who can perform legal, and binding religious functions. 


Such as :





If you think Ordination is for you, then please follow the steps bellow. If you would like to become a trained Gothi, please check out, and go through our Clergy Training Program, which includes ordination. 


Please Note: TAC is an organization in the United States, some nations may recognize our right to ordain individuals outside the U.S while others do not. We are working on this issue, but please understand the case can be different for each nation, and sometimes even states within the U.S.



Have you been a practicing Heathen for a long time? Ready to take the next step?


Learn what it takes to be ordained by The Asatru Community. 

Clergy Training Program 
Not just ready for Ordination? Check out our Clergy Training Program!

Have you completed everything? Met all the requirements, finsihed your test, and have gathered all your materials? 


Ready to take the next step?


Become an Ordained Asatru Clergymen/women today! 

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