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Ostara is not necessarily a Norse goddess, but more Anglo Saxon. Many heathens still honor her however on the spring equinox, one of the biggest holidays of the year. Ostara, also known as Eostre is a goddess of spring, nature, rebirth and fertility. The Christian holiday of Easter gets its name, and many of its celebrations from Ostara, and her celebrations at the spring equinox. 

"Ostara is celebrated at the Spring Equinox. Whilst mainly associated with the  goddess Eostre, the festival also links to Persephone, Cybele and many other  deities. 


Ostara and Eostre: 



Easter derived its name from the ancient Teutonic goddess of spring and  rebirth, Eostre. A goddess of new beginnings, Eostre’s sacred animal is the hare  or rabbit, representing fertility. Hares are sacred to the Goddess, and closely  associated with magic, mysteries, spring and the moon. The Easter bunny links rabbits with eggs, another potent fertility symbol. One  legend thought to explain the origins of this unusual pairing involves Eostre,  who saved an injured baby bird from the ravages of winter by turning it into a  hare. The creature retained the ability to lay eggs, and ever after it would  decorate the eggs it laid and leave them as gifts for the goddess who saved its  life." (1) 


Some debate that Ostara was never really a goddess, but an idea invented by the English scribe Bede. I would like to believe that she does exist. If she does, I would consider her of the Vanir, or possibly the Jotnar. 

I like to think of Jord, Nerthus, and Ostara all in the same "group", as if they all have similar duties and functions. 


Well that's about all I know about Ostara! 

Hail Ostara! May she watch over us all , and may we honor her and the spring equinox! Hail! 




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