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Hail and welcome to our Partners!

Below you'll find general information and links to our wonderful Partners' sites! All Partners of TAC Inc. share the same general goals, ideas, and hopes for Asatru and Heathenry in the modern world! Our Partners have decided to team up with TAC to help achieve these common goals.


Please take a moment to check out their sites and organizations by clicking on their logo. We wish to support Heathen craftsmen and artists, as well as businesses, organizations, and groups! Together, we are the community. Here's to them!


If you're interested in becoming partners with TAC, click here!

Chavah Granovetter

Chair of the Partner Program

Hail and hello!

My name is Chavah Granovetter. I am the wife and mother of two rambunctious little toddlers. Together, my family lives in small-town Pennsylvania at the tip of the Pocono mountain region. I started following TAC in late 2019 and finally joined a couple of months later. I am an eclectic heathen. I've walked a few very different paths in my religious life before coming to Asatru and am a firm believer in "there is no right way to heathen."

I am currently an ambassador in the Northern States East region and look forward to serving the community through this new role.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please e-mail Chavah at


Asgardian Tier:

Crescent Moon Soaps.jpeg

Crescent Moon Soaps

Angela Ramsey

Bringing you natural, homemade artisan soaps, including beard oils, body butter, and sugar scrubs. Our grooming products contain no preservatives, which will ensure you'll feel safe using these products on every member of your family! We even take special requests for that one-of-a-kind item.

Business Number:

(704) 232-2234

Business E-mail:

World of Paleoanthropology

Seth Chagi

We here at the World of Paleoanthropology are here to educate, teach, and inform about the world of early human origins.

To spread the message that we are all the same and originate from the same place.

Black, White, Asian, or anything in between, we are all family, and we have the evidence to prove it.

Come join us. Learn what's going on in the paleontological and archeological worlds, specifically those topics pertaining to anthropology!

Business E-mail:


Lb Ginnunga

Lanie Breazeale


Handmade jewelry, altar pieces, and other divinely inspired creations.

Business Number:

(707) 295-9023

Business E-mail:

Scentsy - Heather Thompson.png

Scentsy - Independent Consultant

Heather Thompson

Float the perfect scent in the air with our warmers and wax!

Business Number:

(304) 928-7909

Business E-mail:

Raven Logo Favicon.png

Stark Raven Studios

Saga Erickson

Stark Raven Studios is an artisan business of Saga Erickson and Dan Roesinger. We are a married couple working on our arts as multimedia artists in our blacksmith shop, art studios, and homestead. We do our work and live as sustainably as possible.

Business Number:

(715) 561-5006

Business E-mail:

The Herb Witch Shoppe

Evelyn Pigott-Washington

The Herb Witch Shoppe produces authentic heathen wares. Creator of Norse and Anglo Saxon heathen ritual products, such as Norse and Anglo Saxon incenses, herb bundles, Norse teas, sacred ritual oils, Norse perfume oils, runic bone art, Norse shamanic ritual tools, and much more!

Business Number:

(519) 613-8290

Business E-mail:

The Herb Witch Shoppe .png

Midgardian Tier:

Wandering Wolf Studio

Wolf Whitney

Heathen wood carving and wood burning. Everything can be be personalized. Custom-made!

Business Number:

(239) 703-9033

Business E-mail:

warn-yt (1).png

Nerd Core

James Carter

A blog for all things nerdy!

Business E-mail:

Norse Crafts Store.jpg

Norse Craft Store

Robert Pitts

Handcrafted items from home decor to consecrated ritual items and customized requests, we do it all. At the moment, everything we do is in my woodshop, but currently building a forge to be able to bring any product to you.

Business Number:

(603) 293-5587

Business E-mail:

EE logo inverted.jpg

The Eclectic Emporium

Shawna Shafer

Handcrafted practical art to decorate your home and body. Witch-owned, heathen-made. Married artists ritually crafting beautiful & functional art items for the pagan/heathen community. Custom requests always accepted. Decorate your home or the skin you're in.

Business Number:

(661) 808-4577

Business E-mail:



Dawn Ravenwind

DragonheART is my collective art business, in which I do both illustration and fantasy costume art. I have painted for nearly 20 years but decided to create a business based around my chainmail craft in 2015. Needless to say, I am a diverse and experienced artist of multiple mediums, with an overall very medieval/Norse feel!

Business Number:

(250) 551-5137

Business E-mail:


Devils Trumpet

Jema Griffiths

For all things out of this world!

Business Number:

(61) 0438026281

Business Email:


Heathens of Hope Foundation

James Carter

The HoH Foundation is a NPO set out to aid its local community and surrounding cities, as well as helping people around the world.

Business Number:

(209) 681-5244

Business E-mail:


Outreach It Services

Donald Huffine

Reliability is an asset in every business relationship. An excellent partnership with the right Managed Service Provider can help save your business thousands and prevent you from losing everything. Time translates to money, and proactive technology management often dictates financial wellness. We offer our clients focused support that knows what to do to keep your business running smoothly. Our services ensure business continuity and provide extra reassurance that your systems are safe! Be among the business owners who realize profit loss can be controlled by partnering with the right company.

Business Number:

(412) 515-0214

Business E-mail:


Mimir's Well Creations

Thomas Young

Handcrafted & Heathen-made items!

Business Number:

(843) 870-4234

Business E-mail:


Fun Gamery

Daniel Granovetter

At, you can create your own custom personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, polls, story games, and more!

Business E-mail:



Julie Kimberlin

Seidora is an online modern apothecary and Pagan curio shop. Specializing in Norse Pagan wears, curio art, and general witchcraft supplies, we aim to bring the best metaphysical shopping experience to our customers possible.

Business E-mail:

WytchWood LLC

Ben Wood

1. WytchWood Master Logo Reg.jpg

Derived from Nature, Inspired by Witchcraft

The Original Witchcraft Infused Maple Syrup

Handcrafted Witchy & Heathen Wares
Stowe, Vermont

Business E-mail:

Runic Emporium Logo.JPG

Runic Emporium

Mac McCurdy

Hand crafted runes and tonics inspired by the Asatru faith.

Business E-mail:

Podcast Partners

The Asatruman Show.png

The Asatruman Show

Jeddar Felix

Let’s learn Heathenry together! I’m just starting out and documenting what I learn. Seen The Truman show? Like that, but not trapped...I think?

Modern Heathen Man

Joseph Marrero

Modern Heathen Man.png

A podcast for the Modern heathen. All are welcome. Come along and learn, listen, and enjoy as we learn to be heathen together. Pick up the Hammer, Horn, and let's sit in the Hoff together.

Streamer Partners


The Game & Watch Bros

Larry Thompson

Join me in my video game streams!


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