Partners of The Asatru Community Inc.


Hail, Welcome to our Partners! Below you will find general information and links to our wonderful Partner's sites! All Partner's of TAC Inc. share the same general goals, ideas, and hopes for Asatru and Heathenry in the modern world! Our Partners have decided to team up with TAC to help achieve these common goals. Please take a moment to check out their sites and organizations! (Click on their logo and or photo to get to their sites). We wish to support Heathen craftsmen and artists, as well as businesses, organizations and groups! Together, we are the community. Here is to them! Hail! If you are interested in becoming partners with TAC,

click here!

Jessica Green

Chair of the Partner Program




For those of you that I have not had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Jessica Green and I am Chair of the Partner Program, as well as the Regional Lead of Australia.


Thank you, to our talented craftsmen, artists and business owners for Partnering with The Asatru Community.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments.. please e-mail Jessica at


Come give a listen to our Podcast Partners!

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