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Partners of The Asatru Community, Inc.
Hail and welcome to our Partners!
Below you'll find general information and links to our wonderful Partners' sites! All Partners of TAC Inc. share the same general goals, ideas, and hopes for Asatru and Heathenry in the modern world! Our Partners have decided to team up with TAC to help achieve these common goals.
Please take a moment to check out their sites and organizations by clicking on their logo. We wish to support Heathen craftsmen and artists, as well as businesses, organizations, and groups! Together, we are the community. Here's to them!

* Charter members receive discounts from all TAC Partners, please click on the desired business logo for more information. *

If you're interested in becoming partners with TAC, click here!

Jeremy Onishea Sr. 

Partner Program Chair

Hail to the members of The Asatru Community! My name Is Jeremy Onishea Sr. I found The Asatru Community Inc while researching inclusive heathenry learning groups online in early 2020. After reading the description and looking around the website it seemed like the place for me, so I became a member. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Within TAC I found more than just some “assembly” of people. I found a family and a community where all our members strive to help and lift each other up whenever possible. I haven’t ever really had a place I felt I “belong” until now. I completed ambassador training in October 2020 and became A lead ambassador in November then World Wandering Lead in Late December 2020. In july of 2021 it was my honor to take on the position of Chairmen of the Partner Program. I run a partner business, Echo Othala with my son, my "Echo". The partner program is an amazing collection of artisans utilizing a diversity of mediums to express themselves and I am glad to have the opportunity to assist our partner businesses as well as the members of The Asatru Community! I am always here to help if anyone has need of me!


Asgardian Tier:

Lb Ginnunga

Lanie Breazeale


Handmade jewelry, altar pieces, and other divinely inspired creations.

Business Number:

(707) 295-9023

Business E-mail:

Gifts of the Wyrd

John  Hijatt


Gifts of the Wyrd Podcast was established in 2016 to provide an Inclusive Heathen voice on the podcast scene. I take an approach of discussion about Heathen practice today, books, art, music, and other topics that cross many subjects and interests.  

Gifts of the Wyrd is the "NPR" of Heathen podcasting to share the committed works of many people today for an inclusive and variety of practices.

Please find me on podbean, iTunes, or your preferred podcast platform.  

Business Number:

(619) 361-1306

Business E-mail:

Echo Othala

Jeremy Onishea


Let Echo othala bring your imagination to reality! We can turn nearly any design you can imagine into a reality with wood, epoxy, and/or leather. We can duplicate items or create custom one of a kind pieces.


We are a family business, and every new project gives me another chance to teach my son (my echo) all of the great things my father has taught me. Each task is an opportunity to pass down my inheritance (Othala) of knowledge and skills. We are a firm supporter of declaration 127.  

Business E-mail:

The Herb Witch Shoppe .png

The Herb Witch Shoppe

Evelyn Pigott-Washington

The Herb Witch Shoppe produces authentic heathen wares. Creator of Norse and Anglo Saxon heathen ritual products, such as Norse and Anglo Saxon incenses, herb bundles, Norse teas, sacred ritual oils, Norse perfume oils, runic bone art, Norse shamanic ritual tools, and much more!

Business Number:

(519) 613-8290

Business E-mail:

Midgardian Tier:



Dawn Ravenwind

DragonheART is my collective art business, in which I do both illustration and fantasy costume art. I have painted for nearly 20 years but decided to create a business based around my chainmail craft in 2015. Needless to say, I am a diverse and experienced artist of multiple mediums, with an overall very medieval/Norse feel!

Business Number:

(250) 551-5137

Business E-mail:

Runic Emporium Logo.JPG

Runic Emporium

Mac McCurdy

Hand crafted runes and tonics inspired by the Asatru faith.

Business E-mail:

Crescent Moon Soaps.jpeg

Crescent Moon Soaps

Angela Ramsey

Bringing you natural, homemade artisan soaps, including beard oils, body butter, and sugar scrubs. Our grooming products contain no preservatives, which will ensure you'll feel safe using these products on every member of your family! We even take special requests for that one-of-a-kind item.

Business Number:

(704) 232-2234

Business E-mail:


Lokea's Wonderings

Nikk Baker

Nikk is a mother, writer, teacher, blogger, intuitive tarot reader/medium, spiritual guide, & ordained clergy. Offering intuitive tarot & oracle card readings & other divination, classes, norse & pagan based blogs, tips for pagan parents, books, art & other products.

Business E-mail:

Mighty Aurochs - Healthy Heathens

Jessica Schuster


Mighty Aurochs - Healthy Heathens is a community of heathens/Norse pagans who wish to challenge themselves and make improvements to their physical health and wellbeing. We encourage and inspire each other to be active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Business E-mail:


Pagans Path Creations

James Carter

Pagan influenced wood and stone work.

Business Number:

(209) 681-5244

Business E-mail:


Oak & Aether

Christopher Potter

Oak & Aether welcomes you to our exploration of the earth, the divine and our connection to human consciousness. This little shop is an organism and a community, created out of love. Our space is an experiment in collective energy - fluid, interactive and always evolving. Oak & Aether is a no judgement zone, and a safe space for self work and spiritual exploration of all kinds. And it harm none, do what thou will. Blessed be!



Mimir's Well Creations

Thomas Young

Handcrafted & Heathen-made items!

Business Number:

(843) 870-4234

Business E-mail:


Outreach It Services

Donald Huffine

Reliability is an asset in every business relationship. An excellent partnership with the right Managed Service Provider can help save your business thousands and prevent you from losing everything. Time translates to money, and proactive technology management often dictates financial wellness. We offer our clients focused support that knows what to do to keep your business running smoothly. Our services ensure business continuity and provide extra reassurance that your systems are safe! Be among the business owners who realize profit loss can be controlled by partnering with the right company.

Business Number:

(412) 515-0214

Business E-mail:

WytchWood LLC

Ben Wood

1. WytchWood Master Logo Reg.jpg

Derived from Nature, Inspired by Witchcraft

The Original Witchcraft Infused Maple Syrup

Handcrafted Witchy & Heathen Wares
Stowe, Vermont

Business E-mail:

Happy Hollow Wood Crafts

Torvi Aethalbern

happy hollow logo.jpg

I offer a variety of woodwork/wood turnings and drinking horns handcrafted by myself.  Things that I make have a heathen/pagan slant or sometimes just for everyday use.  

Business Number:

(608) 512-5506

Business E-mail:


Oreamnos Oddities

Rachel Puleo

Oreamnos Oddities is dedicated to creating the largest selection of handmade pagan products available online.

We run our business from the mountains of rural USA and honor the old gods by practicing primitive skills, self sufficiency and through creating our handmade products to share with the pagan community.

We offer:

pagan ritual tools, pagan altars
cleansing sprays and anointing oils blended for Odin, Thor, Loki & Freya ritual tool kits, altar textiles
ethically sourced bone art
Incense blends to work with the norse gods
Altar cloths
Norse altar textiles
Custom bindrunes
Handmade rune sets
+ much more

Family owned and operated.

Business E-mail:

Streamer Partners


Connor Garysson

Canadian Charter member and streamer with a charity and community focus. Everyone from all walks of life and fellow Asatruers are more than welcome to come and join us not just for gaming, but history and lore lessons, cooking, brewing, and everything in between!



Adventures in Asgard

Taylor Bennett-Wiens

Adventures In Asgard is a mom and her 2 sons, hanging out on the top bunk of the bunk bed they turned into “Asgard”, reading sagas and learning about Asatru. Each video includes a story followed by an activity. Videos will be posted weekly to help educated our children about the stories and teach them the ways of Asatru.


34s twitch isaacc.jpg

Just a Twitch streamer with an affinity for J-RPG games (Persona albeit mostly Persona 5, Tales series, Final Fantasy, etc)

135s heathens heart.jpg

Heathen's Heart
Courtney Greyhawk

Heathen’s Heart is blog to share resources and experiences for life as a modern heathen.

roast goat logo 2.png

Roast Goat

Matt Weber

Proud Heathen gamer and content creator for Eastern Media Gaming Group. Facebook streamer. I'm a 33 year old Married man who is often co-starred by his wife's loud sarcasm as she taunts him from across the room while playing her own game. I look forward to entertaining you! My streams are an all inclusive LGBTQ+ safe space.


Gehenna Gaming Logo (BlackTransparent).png

Gehenna Gaming

Ian Muller

Gehenna Gaming provides unique horror gaming experiences to fans of TTRPGs with a focus on safety, consent, and inclusivity. We produce a variety of actual plays on our Twitch channel, such as Gehenna Academy (Monsterhearts 2) and our Saturday Night One-Shots (SNOS) educational series where we teach viewers new game systems. We also create an ongoing Horror podcast where we interview game developers and writers, horror movies actors and directors, ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, and other horror aficionados! Our bread and butter, however, is live gaming events where we organize and run hundreds of tabletop RPGs for horror fans at game stores and conventions around North America.


136s milk and lettuce.png

Milk and lettuce

A podcast in which I talk about my mental health to let others know they’re not alone.

Charter members can use the code TAC20 on my merch site for 20% off all merch. All products feature my leaf logo in a variety of LGBTQIA+ flag colors.


Mystic Awakenings with Ashleah 

I’m an intuitive empath, and though I specialize in throwing bones, my readings often include bibliomancy, casting shells and pendulum dowsing as well. I am the editor of “Throwing Bones: Divination for the Modern Practitioner” by Atalanta Moonfire, and I have read at Metaphysical and Holistic stores such as The Craft in Aiken, South Carolina and The Witches Key in Houston,Texas. I have appeared at fairs such as Pagan Pride and Earthfest in Augusta, Georgia, as well as The Soul Sisters Fairs in Houston, Texas (online as well).

28m brokkrblacksmith.jpg

Brokkr Blacksmithing

Devin jesionowski


Brokkr Blacksmithing is a heathen owned business, dedicated to quality, authenticity, and customer service.

29m asras attic.png

Asra's Attic Handcrafts

Laurie Sottilaro

Crochet and jewelry by a Heathen witch.  I make stone pendants and earrings, as well as basic crochet items like scarves and hats, and amigurumi of various mythological animals, like a kitsune or Loki's animal children.  There's more to come, and feel free to contact me if you want something made I don't have listed.  I can't guarantee that I will be able to make it, but I will do my best!

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