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Spiritual Batteries

I first heard the term "Spiritual Batteries" from the Asatru Folk Assembly's Steve Mcnallen. Despite our vastly differing opinions and views (Mcnallen and I), this was a phrase that struck me immediately. A perfect way to describe how many people, including myself, can feel from time to time.

So what are, "spiritual batteries"? Well, that is not something I feel I can easily explain. I wish I remembered where I heard Mcnallen discussing the concept. One way to think about it, is this:

The more you converse with the divine, the higher the exchange rate of gifts, the more interaction between yourself and the powers that be, the higher "charged" your connection with The Holy Powers is, be they gods, wights, or ancestors. If one goes for a period of time, without nature, without a connection to the gods, the divine, then ones' "battery" drains. Now this is of course not good.

If ones' "battery" level becomes too low, you begin to feel the effects. You may be depressed, feel lonely, of just feel like you miss the gods, that something is missing! Some can even become physically ill, and mentally distressed. This is normal! And there are simple ways to fix it!

I do not know about you, but if I get very busy, very, very busy. Sometimes for some reason, life work, etc I do not perform rituals for a while or just for some other reason lose some contact with the Holy Powers. Now this is not to say that I forget about them or think them less important, I just do not feel as close to them as when I am more “active”.

When we perform a blot, libation, or meditate, go out into nature and or pray a great deal we feel a stronger connection to the gods and goddesses, the Alfur and land spirits, to our ancestors. When as I mentioned before we for whatever reason do not do these things or do not do these things often enough we begin to loose our connection.

If you are truly “Asatru” meaning true to the Aesir and Vanir then you shall never actually lose this connection. For example, if you have a great friend but lose contact with them even for just a month you may not feel as close to them as you did previously, but the moment you get in contact again it is as if they were never away. This is how it is with our religion, or spirituality, our gods. We never lose them but just feel more distant from time to time. Personally I hate these distant times. Despite the fact that I hate these periods, one of my favorite things is holding a blot after one of these times and feeling the strength and connection to the divine powers flowing into you. But I would give that up to always feel this connection at its strongest point.

There are many ways to strengthen this connection during these “dry” periods and normal periods in general. Of course there are the, aka normal ways to do this. Prayer, meditation etc. Now these are wonderful ways to strengthen this connection and allow the divine into our lives. These may be all some people need, and some people may need more such as myself. I do meditate when I can and pray twice a day but that just turns into a habit, and is not effective as it could be. When something become mundane, it is no longer sacred. Things must be kept fresh, and current.

I feel like I am repeating myself here but it is very important to note, everyone is different and so are our connections to the gods and goddesses and we will never be the same, and we are all unique, we will never lose our connection but it can weaken if what we does becomes too droll, despite the fact that they may be good things to do. Some other things that I look to when I am feeling droll is to just look around. Everything comes from the gods. I do not believe that they created absolutely everything, but that they have set things into motion. For instance they did not create all the trees, but took Ymir‘s hairs and created trees from them that can create more trees themselves. So keeping that in mind that they set everything into motion and by default created everything you can just look around and feel their majesty and power! GO OUTSIDE! I do not think there is anything better than being outside to feel the presence of the holy powers. Being in nature, the purest expression of the gods is amazing to experience.

I am lucky enough to live in a town of only 300,000 people.. This is not many! So I have the blessing to be near nature when I want to and all the time. But even if you live in the city, I am sure there is some sort of park! Or a tree! This is a direct think to the gods and goddesses. Spending time in nature and meditating/praying in nature can absolutely recharge your spiritual batteries, not as much as say a blot or sumbel but enough to make you feel better! I actually feel almost sick if my connection to the holy powers gets to a certain point, so I even though it unfortunately happens frequently.

I always try to keep my connection strong by prayer and being in nature. But there are many many ways! Reading the runes! Rune chanting all of these things can fill you with the presence of the gods and goddesses, or the Alfur, or the land spirits or you ancestors! Doing these things in nature amplifies what ever you are doing to a much grander extent. One reason I write this blog is even it helps to recharge my spiritual batteries. I have been so ridiculously busy lately that besides my daily prayers I have not been able to do much, thus draining my battery. But as I write this I feel better, feel less guilty almost and stronger in my faith. I suggest that you start a blog even! Or a diary! These things can also help. Well I think that I am going to try to get to sleep now but just to recap whenever your batteries are feeling low pray, meditate, spend time out side in the great out doors, our purest connection to the divine. Talk about Asatru with others. What ever helps you do it! There is nothing like having a strong connection with the gods and goddesses.

Only when this connection is absent, do we truly miss it.


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