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TAC 4.0!!!

Hail TAC Members!

We have some very exciting, and important announcements today!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you all to TAC 4.0! This means quite a few changes, both large and small.

The largest of the changes would be to the administration of TAC. Instead of a Tribunal controlling most if not all of TAC, we know how a new organizational structure detailed in our By-Laws, which have been extensively edited and fine-tuned, which you can find here.

The changes to the TAC leadership allow for a great many things, new projects and plans are now on a fast track to getting to you, the Charter Members. No longer shall we seem stagnant, but you will be hearing about us quite a lot in the coming months!

(All applicants MUST be Charter Members)

As part of these new changes, we are searching for a few new members of the TAC administrative family, such as:

Director of Religious Affairs: Application (Application)

  • Must have at least 1 years’ service as a Gothi in a kindred.

  • Ten years’ experience as a heathen

  • Must have some writing experience

  • Management Role EXP REQ

  • May have others working under you

Director of Events: (Application)

  • Must be very organized

  • Have event planning experience

  • Willing to work on multiple projects at once, and over long periods of time

  • Microsoft Office EXP.

  • Management Role EXP REQ

  • May have others working under you

Treasurer: (Application)

  • Must have knowledge of Excel

  • Must have prior knowledge of a funds software. I.E Quicken

  • Prior experience handling money

  • Working Knowledge of PayPal

  • Management Role EXP REQ

  • May have others working under you

Social Media Admin: (Application)

  • Administrator on various social media sites

Editor/Writer: (Application)

  • Must have prior experience in writing and editing

All of these positions are of course on a volunteer basis, and all applicants must be friendly and ready to work in a team environment. If you are interested, please fill out the appropriate application above.

What else does this mean for TAC?

Well you can expect to see a much higher level of efficiency, which shall propel us towards our goals, and our mission statement. Already we now have a new map for Charter Members, Charter Club is about to get much more exciting, and we have many new programs to look forward to!

Such as:

  • The reintroduction of the Ambassador Program

Look for this in the coming week, new and improved!

  • The introduction of a TAC Merch Store

Charter Members will be able to show their wares in our TAC Store.

  • TAC will be getting a physical location!

The sending and receiving of goods, prizes...=) etc.

  • The reintroduction of the TAC Magazine!

Now on a monthly basis! Please email submission to

  • And much, much more that we aren’t just ready to talk about yet =).

You can expect these exciting new projects in the coming year, and many more after! TAC has a very bright future ahead!

Other than that, expect TAC to continue running smoothly, and if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or even suggestions! Please feel free to email us =)

Hail and thank you Charter Members for the continued support!

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