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Finding Asatru

Finding Asatru. First off I think it would be good to define what I mean if you do not know. What I mean is how you, and I came to be Asatruars. Did Asatru find us? Did we find it? Or was it apart of us the entire time? That is what I shall be discussing in this post, as well as how I came to be an Asatruar, in as much detail as possible. Why am I doing this post? Well I think it will be fun, I think it will be insightful, and I think it will help others who are hearing "the call" decide what it means and what to do about it! Well, here we go!


For every person, the path to Asatru, and heathenry in general, varies drastically. However, some are remarkably similar. Some may feel the urge to hike more. Some may want to visit the graves of family members. Some may all of a sudden find an interest in Germanic history and mythology. Commonly, people may began to have odd dreams that they cannot explain. They may see things that others do not, and that they cannot explain either. They may hear whisperings or other odd things that they have not experienced before. This, is the calling of Asatru. This is the calling of the natural world, of the vaettir, of The Holy Powers. Whether it be your ancestors, the gods or vaettir calling you, it is the call of Asatru. If these things are happening to you, Asatru may be calling to you, and your soul. In my opinion, it is not good to ignore it. Some readily accept it. Why? Maybe they are searching for a new path, searching for home. Maybe they are in dark times and are looking for the light and the end of the tunnel. For myself, and many others, Asatru is home. Whether it be ancestral, or spiritual it is home. Finding Asatru, or rather Asatru finding you, is a gods’ send, and will change your life forever, mark my words.

There are those of us, and I am sure that this wil ring true for many of you; you just get tired of your beliefs. They don’t make sense to you, they never did. These ideas, and ideologies were not your own, they were someone else’s etc. They begin to search for something that fits them better. This is how many people find Asatru, it does not search for them, but they know that there is something better for them out there, and it is Asatru. And that is how I found Asatru.


I was born and raised Jewish, my entire family is Jewish and all from Russia. I am proud of my Jewish heritage. But Judaism, just as all of the other Abrahamic faiths, makes no sense to me! You asked a question and there is never an answer! "Why is the earth here? Why are we here?" and the answer is always along the lines of "Because God created us." What? That’s not a good reason! Asatru for myself and many others provides answers, at least better answers, to these questions. Its not just this is that way because it is, there is a reason, and we can actually learn what they are! Asatru is about finding yourself, your ideas and belief’s.

So I was lost, I knew there was something "up there" we were not alone and the top of the food chain. We just could not be. At the time of my Barmitsvah (13 years old, I am currently 20) I began learning more about my religion in preparation. It just got worse from there. I thought things were contradicting themselves and just making no sense. Besides my family, I had no connection to the Jewish God, or his rules. None of it meant a thing to me. None what so ever. I had no feeling, affection, or anything for this deity, and his rules and so on.

I was always a fan of history, especially Europe from cavemen to the Renaissance. I just love it! I have always, and will always study it. I always thought there had to be more than just one God. How could he do all of this? I thought everything played a part and there was more to it than that. I believed in Dragons, and other creatures. I, to others, was a little odd, but they thought I was just having a laugh and laughed with me. I had always known about Greek and Norse Mythology but never really thought about it. Eventually I began to feel this...pull to Germanic/Scandinavian Cultural and religious aspects. I would spend more time in nature and appreciate it more. I began to see the world in an entirely different light. I began to focus on that part of the world much more than any others. I studied mythology, read the Eddas and sagas. I started having dreams in which an old one eyed man would tell me things, tell me stories. And all of a sudden, all of this made sense. Things began to connect for me that had been happening my entire life that I either never took notice of, or didn’t understand. Everything began to change, and for the better.


I began to pray and talk to the Norse Deities not even knowing it was a religion at all. I knew it had been a religion, but I thought it faded into nothingness with the coming of Christianity. Like many others, I thought I was the only person in the entire world who still believed in the might and power of what I now know as The Holy Powers. Why did I think this? Well not only does no one in any of my schools know a thing about Norse culture or Mythology (they only teach Greek) I had just plain never heard of anything like it. Then I searched for Norse Religion, and there it was, Asatru. In its magnificence.

My life absolutely changed, I found out as much about Asatru as I could. Which was hard for I had no one to talk to and ask questions. I had to infer a great deal. (This is why I have created Asatru Community so people have a place to go, to learn, and to grow together). Coming from a religion that had such a rigid set of rules and guidelines, where there was one god and that was that, was very difficult. Changing the way in which one looks at the world completely is not an easy task. is It was hard, it still is. But it is so worth it. My life is so much better than it could have ever been when I was Jewish, or anything else for that matter. I feel more confident, stronger, more connected to the things beyond my understanding. And I simply love it. Religions is all about what has happened to others, but Spirituality is all about what is happening to you. And that difference… is liberating.


So that is how I found Asatru, and how Asatru found me. It was a mix, I needed something that was better and truer to me, and I also began to feel an odd pulling. The combination set me on this path, and I could not be more thankful to the fates. How did you find Asatru?

So as you can see, there are a few ways that people are drawn to Asatru. It does not matter how you get here, just as long this is the right place for you, and it is right for you. And if Asatru is not the right path for you, I beseech you to continue to search for the right path! Do not give up! When you find that right faith and belief system for you, I guarantee your life will change for the better!

Hail Asatru and the amazing things it does for myself and others! Hail!

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