I would like to remind all of our members to read our By-Laws. The Asatru Community Inc. is an Asatru organization dedicated to the support and promotion of ALL Asatruar. Be they European, white, Black, Mexican, or Chinese. The gods call to us all in special ways, this is our views. If you are folkist, we support you, if you want to stick to your own, we support you, if you want to accept everyone, we support you. But the SECOND you are better than another, have more right than another, or believe that others simply by the nation they live, cannot honor the gods whom created all that we see, then TAC Inc is NOT for you. We support ALL heathens as long as they support one another, and follow our By-Laws. Read them. They are there for a reason, Even better, read our online COC, even a more simple set of guidelines. We do not condone bigotry in any sense. Any and all whom abide the COC and By-Laws are welcome.