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Update***Get "#Asatru" Trending Movement

On October 16th, On this day we will do our best to get "#Asatru" trending all over the internet. To show the world what Asatru, heathenry, paganism etc. is about. What does that mean? Well that will be up to you and your message with "#Asatru" in it. Some may say this is fruitless, does nothing for the community at large. But I don't think that is true. If we all do this, if we all come together to do this, that will show the world we are not just some small minority, but that we are a group of dedicated human beings! Not Satanists, or Nazis or other horrible things that ignorance has birthed! This movement will allow the community to get involved in a way that it has not before. It is up to you how you get involved, just as long as it has "#Asatru" in it on this day. I have seen the power of social media, and how it can affect real world events, from this community involvement, so much can spring forth. It is up to you, what comes of this.Let your #Heathen voice be heard on this day 10/16/15! Now is the time! Arise! Will you join us?

***Update:*** People are listening! We are getting alot of attention for this movement so far within the communities! Lets keep this up and get even more people involved! This is our chance! But we have to do it right! We need as many people involved as possible! If you support this movement, and you want it to work, invite your friends, share this event in your other groups, get people aware! We can do this! We can get ‪#‎Asatru‬ trending all over the internet, provide context, and show the world that we are not just marvel super hero followers! That we have a real religion based in and on the old ways of our ancestors! We are no joke! It is time to show the world that WE ARE HEATHEN! Hail!

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