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The Legacy of Tyr. Are you of the Military?

I am very excitred, and more than proud to announce our newest partnership, The Legacy of Tyr (

From thier page:

"Hampton Roads, VAThis isn't a kindred per se (however, we won't object to a good horn raising) This is a brotherhood. This is a tribe. We are inviting men and women of the warfighter community who hold active duty, veteran, guard, reserve or DoD civilian status and their family to join us. We aren't folkish. We aren't universal. We are veterans and our brothers and sisters in uniform, fellow veterans, and those in the warfighter community are our priority other than living honorably while serving the Gods of our Ancestors. We all have our personal beliefs outside of this brotherhood, and some may belong to other kindreds. When we come together, it's to help the veteran community and especially heathen veterans. Some might might be folkish. some might be universalist, however with LOT it does not matter. We are mostly Asatru based, but we welcome those of the other traditions of Scandinavian, Anglo Saxon, or Germanic to join us. Our requirement: Proof of Military Service or DoD Civilian. HOWEVER:Other than building a sense of family and community within our own faith, our mission is to roll up our sleeves and get involved helping our fellow veterans, military and surviving families of ALL paths and religions on the outside of our Hof. They are our brothers and sisters we have served with and upheld their oath to defend our nation and protect the very rights we exercise today. We shall leave NO warfighter behind regardless of their background. It is our duty as veterans to make sure we take care of our own, while also building a stronghold for other military and veteran heathens to call home and join our brotherhood and raise a horn. The only color we see is GREEN. There will be NO racial or political discrimination with what we are doing, nor will it be tolerated. We uphold the oath we took when we enlisted. We uphold the name of Tyr who sacrificed his hand to save mankind. We honor those who have risked life and limb for our nation. We uphold the Nine Virtues:1) Courage2) Truth3) Honour4) Fidelity5) Discipline6) Hospitality7) Industriousness8) Self Reliance9) PerseveranceWe also have the Virtues of our Tribe1. No Veteran Left Behind2. Selflessness3. Sacrifice4. Teamwork5. Loyalty6. FamilyOur policy on the Folkish vs Universal controversy: How you worship or who you worship with with on your own time is YOUR business as far as other heathen organizations go. We're all veterans which makes us brothers and sisters, and we expect that everyone respects that. However, if there is association to an organization that brings dishonor to the community, we reserve the right to deny association or affiliation with such persons. We also welcome members of neighboring kindreds and tribes to accompany us in our mission."

We will be working with The Legacy of Tyr to support both Heathen, and non Heathen active duty, and veteran service members through various outreach programs.

We are very excitred for what this will bring to the TAC family, and the services this will allow us to offer some of the bravest amongst us.

If you are a veteran, or in active duty, please check them out! And let us know! We are here for you!



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