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Asatru Trending

Saw this awesome article on another site today:

"Yesterday The Asatru Community tried to get Asatru trending, and while it did not get the tag Asatru trending, it did something that I feel was pretty amazing.All over the internet, on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media, Heathens were active and sharing what Heanthenry is to them.I managed to find some pretty interesting Asatruar, and I’m filled with joy in knowing that there are so many of us out there.I am a solitary Heathen, I don’t have a Tribe. I have my husband and kids, who are just embarking on learning about Heathenry through me.It’s a solitary path that I am on. Due to circumstances in my family dynamic, I don’t get to fests and it’s difficult to even make it to the local meet in a pub for a few hours, which is part of my life and I don’t really lament it that much, but every now and then I feel isolated and cut off from the wisdom of my fellow Heathens.I did manage to make it to a blot back in January, which was an amazing experience, and there is right now at this moment another one being held, but as is my life, I am not able to make it.But yesterday I was able to see that there are so many others out there, like me. They believe in the same gods, they honor their ancestors like I do and they forge relationships with the wights as I do too.So, I’d like to take a moment and say thanks to The Asatru Community for organizing this event online.Hold Your Heathen Hammer High, be proud and keep the haters in the shadows by shining our own light brighter than theirs."

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