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PSA from TAC Inc.

***PSA from TAC Inc.*** #Asatru #Heathen

The Asatru Community Inc. (TAC) is a heathen non-profit pending organization dedicated to furthering the place of heathenry, and heathens in the world. We are supportive of all and any parties striding towards the same goals. If it is good for Asatru and Heathenry at large, then TAC Inc. supports the work of those groups or individuals. We are not a political entity, nor do we operate as one. It is not the place of TAC Inc. to persuade, or change the thoughts of any other, be they individual or an organization. TAC will support, and look out for any other group or individual striving to further the place of Asatru in the world, in whatever ways that might be. That being said, we strictly abide by our By-Laws, and any group or individual that openly goes against them, will be removed from all affiliation with TAC.

The majority of us have the same goal, just different ways of getting there. If an individual, organization or group is good for Asatru, then they are welcome at our hearth.

The Asatru Community Inc. will not take part in any form of defamation, or bad mouthing of any group or persons, nor will TAC take part in any inter-organizational disagreements. TAC Inc. is a neutral party, and will conduct itself as such.

We are not white supremacist hunters, nor supporters of discrimination of any kind. Please refer to our By-Laws for more info:!bylaws/c1ktj

Sincerely, Seth Alfodurson President and Founder

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