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An Important Message from VP Andrew Price

"Hail and hello! Recently, The Asatru Community Inc. has been receiving questions and criticism about our stance on racism. Today, I’d like to remind all our members and visitors that TAC Inc. holds a zero tolerance policy for racism, as stated in our By-laws. HOWEVER, this does not mean that TAC Inc. is a body to fight racism. We are a legally recognized and incorporated organization within the state of California, US. As such we cannot and will not spend our time, nay, your... time on ‘fighting racism.’ There is no battle to be fought over racism here at TAC, we are focused on the growth and betterment of Heathenry. Additionally, it is our hope that those wishing to wage an internet “flame war” against racists, would not attempt to involve TAC. Once again, we hold a zero tolerance policy for racism, but it is not the place of the Asatru Community Inc. to police other organizations."

Thank you, and Gods be with you.


Andrew R Price, Vice President of the Asatru Community Inc.

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