• Seth

Wow! The Network Grows!

When we started TAC, as individuals we thought we had a pretty good idea, then as it grew, it seemed people agreed. With all of the recent developments, it has become obvious that what we are doing, people do like, so I am very proud to announce yet another exspansion of our ever building network:

Tier One Viking Radio:


Odin's Operators:

We are very excited and proud to announce these to partners and with the massive growth that we have seen in Charter Membership, I think I can safelty say:

The Asatru Community Inc. has grown to become the largest Asatru Organization, with the most connections, most partnerships, and most official members.

TAC is growing at an amazing rate, without any loss of integrity, or morales. And we will keep it this way as we continue to grow and expand. TAC events are popping up all over the world, in real life, and online. We are a community, and we are growing.


Seth Alfodurson

President and Founder

The Asatru Comnuntiy Inc.

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